Roswell: A TTF F.F Member Thread


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Roswell: A TTF F.F Member Thread

Ok we all know the story. 1947, a <span style='color:blue'>\"UFO\" crashed outside of the tiny town of Roswell New Mexico. This single event should have shaped the history of the world for many years, but \"The Man\" had to stick in his hand. It is common knowledge that the events following the incident were a result of the first successful military/government blanket campaign (Project Blue Book, etc). Why were our political leaders so scared of this? Was it because of the fact that we as a country were in the midst of the Cold War? Maybe it was because of a lack of understanding? The obvious result is that they didn't want us to know. The fact here folks is that we have become more aware of \"E.T's\" because of this blanket conspiracy. It is my belief that we are still visited,(the Phoenix Lights in the 90's, and Mexico City as well) and that various govts. around the world are still capturing these crafts in an attempt to reverse engineer the technology. We as a public no longer need to be handed watered down versions of elementary school facts on little gray or green men, it's time for the truth to come out. What do you think on this F.F's? Is the govt. still using these blanket schemes to keep us at bay? Is there a connection with the running of the A.B.C special last week on U.F.O's and the public being informed? Post your thoughts to these topics here. </span>

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Re: Roswell: A TTF F.F Member Thread

Back in 1947 the Govt didn't want to reveal the UFO situation to the public for many reasons. Think about it. We had just won World War 2 not long before, our air power was unmatched. If word got out to the public that we had lost control of our skies to something "unknown" then it would have hurt our credibility as the air power that won a World War. I believe the Govt only wanted to keep it a secret for a short time, but as time passed the hole was dug deeper and became so deep that they either lost control or it fell into someone elses hands. Now it's to the point that they will not tell us because if they did, well it would discredit the Govt and the public would quickly turn against them.