Rotating Electromagnetic Field Time Machine Theory

Greetings. I would just like to say I’ve heard of a time travel method proposal known as the delta T antenna, from the alleged Montaigne project. The theory is about a rotating electromagnetic field, that in theory could rotate at velocities greater than light, leading to time travel. At first, I thought this was just some conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo, but over time, it stuck with me. Although matter cannot travel faster than light with the formula E=MC2, one would need more and more energy over time to reach light, an infinite amount, through conventional means. However an electromagnetic field is not matter (to the extent of my knowledge), but a field of energy. I wondered about rotating magnetic fields velocities, and did some calculations on frequency and theoretical velocities. It may just work! Probably not, but I believe it would be worth a try. I guess it’s like Ron Mallett’s time travel proposal, but instead of using photons, using EM fields. I’ve been trying to make a Delta T antenna, but had no luck. Then again, I am an amateur electronics guy, so I may be doing something wrong. Or maybe I’m not providing enough energy, or don’t have the right tools. The more conventional answer is this device won’t work, and I won’t be able to do it. Evidence include how inductance may sort of, “resist” frequency change. The higher the inductance, the higher this sort of resistance occurs. I think it’s called impedance. Again, electronics amateur. My point is, I believe a method to time travel, besides the alleged HDR, or Bajak Flux Capacitor, is the dilation and possibly reversing of time via rotating magnetic fields. Any suggestions? (By the way, probably unimportant, but Tesla is said to be one of or the founder of rotating electromagnetic fields, which I think is cool)96399640
guess every electric motor in the world is time traveling
you're on the right track but are missing things

vortex locations have a rotating magnetic field and a slight time anomaly

guess every electric motor in the world is time traveling
That’s not what I meant...sort of. Do you know of Einstein’s theory of relativity, how as you approach the speed of light time speeds up around you? By going near the speed of light for a year in a spaceship on a trip from Earth and back, one may notice time has gone faster for the rest of Earth. Of coarse not all rotating magnetic fields would, even in theory, dilate time, but I’m discussing powerful rotating EM fields, rotating at vast velocities

like a magnetar.
fast moving magnetic star in outerspace.

yeah I agree, time travel using EM fields requires intense energies.
so the only real question is what field geometries warp spacetime
rotating magnetic field is one possibility
since EM fields are massless they don't have mass which causes frame dragging and time dilation
it's why they can oscillate at the speed of light.

so in QM it's known photons sometimes have mass, sometimes don't.
so can a magnetic field get mass in certain situations then accelerate to the speed of light?
guess that would be the trick

flip a switch when it's massless moving at lightspeed to then have mass. Presto
would be a QM discovery