Runes as 4D Symbols

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Found this article, thought it would interest some of you guys. Could Runes be 4D symbols? That's something I've nevre thought about before. Pretty cool idea!

Here's an excerpt from the full article. Click on the link above to read the whole document.

My goal in this note is to interpret the Elder Futhark (old Norse rune alphabet, a.k.a. Viking alphabet) from the viewpoint that they are a collection of scientific diagrams pertaining to hyperdimensional physics and metaphysics.

The mythical origins of the Celts and Nordics suggests their ancestors were once a technologically advanced and partially fourth density (semi-4D) race who suffered a cataclysmic vibrational descent into 3D Earth, after which they became ever more divested of their supernatural powers by increasingly taking upon themselves the constraints of three dimensional space and linear time, whether through genetic intermixing with the indigenous population or through gradual acclimatization to the lower vibrational levels.

Now, according to rune mythology, in an act of self-sacrifice the god Odin hung himself upside down from the great tree Yggdrasil for nine days, during which the 24 runic symbols were revealed to him. Comparing this myth to other similar ones (see the book Hamlet’s Mill) makes it evident that the “world tree” is representative of our linear timeline with all its branches, i.e. the multiverse or fractal holographic matrix of spacetime.

When a higher being enters the lower realms and undergoes an act of suffering and sacrifice, that is crucifixion. Odin hanging from the tree, or Christ from the cross, is symbolic of hyper-dimensional consciousness entering and being crucified upon the cross of space-time. So this represents, at one level of interpretation, the semi-4D race falling into the darker 3D realms and being enchained by the constraints of space and time.

That the 24 rune symbols were read by Odin only while hanging from the tree of time suggests they might be the spatiotemporal archetypes of our physical existence seen from outside time itself, e.g. from a state of “timespace” as the Law of One material calls it, or “neutral stasis” as Carlos Allende termed it in the Varo edition of Morris K. Jessup’s book “The Case for the UFO.” Timespace is the inversion of spacetime, per Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System, meaning 3 dimensions of time and one of space, which visually would be experienced as a network of branching, merging, and bending fiber-like timelines.

If there is a purpose and significance to the shape of these runes, then they should be decipherable by first interpreting their simpler key constituent elements. The unique combination of these elements present in each rune would yield a unique composite meaning for the rune itself. Features common to multiple runes would correlate to their having some meanings in common. Here is one possibility: