Secrets And Mysteries Of Heaven - Non-Religious Approach

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Logical Mind

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What is heaven, are there more than one of them?

So-called heaven is not actually and necessarily a place but a state of soul and mind, which is manifested physically and/or astrally as a harmonious "place" yet there are many levels of pleasant places which are nothing but the physical expression of the thoughts, and understanding of those who live there and so compose it.

Are heavens and hells static, permanent? No, they are not.

There is not anything physically permanent in this galaxy, and on this universe. The evidence of the extinction and/or shrinking of dinosaurs proves earth and all planets are growing. Two hundred millions years ago, and there is scientific evidence of this, earth was the size of the present moon similarly our galaxy and universe are constantly expanding.

So you telling me, Logical Mind, Heaven is not eternal, permanent, unchanging as told by my preacher?

One thing is for sure, hells are unreal, powerless illusions opposed to Divine Love, and as such with a beginning and an end. On the other hand heaven, harmony, Love, is permanent yet it is subjected to a state of progression, "Progress is the Law of God" 1. Think about it. It would be extremely boring to be in a place where there is no challenge of any sort, you would be screaming "Please I need a problem, something to do because if not I would go nuts in this boring place, somebody send me back to earth for heaven sakes."

That situation of affairs is impossible in a harmonious progressive universe like ours. So heaven is in a constant, as it is here on earth, transformation process of growth and change yet the difference is that real progress, besides being positive, is an uplifting process of unending expansion as well.

Any negative reality where there is a beginning and an end is illusive, unreal. Yet the universal progression happens in a permanent state of growth and joyful unending, time free, metamorphosis.

The truth of the matter is that nobody has ever left infinity, perfection and permanent joy, therefore we are NOW free.

Feel free to accept, and/or reject these ideas. 1. Quotation by Mary Baker Eddy.
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