Sentient Logic ??


III oculis videt
Sep 12, 2017
What would happen if an alien was directly in front of you are bent your mind?

There would be no back and forth discussion like in the thread here.
Jan 26, 2018
Late to the party but

Yea, we're all good, kind, emotional and loving.. until SHTF.

What if the U.S. Gov started firing on protesters en-masse? What if they disappeared people to black sites en-masse?

You'd see a repeat of 1775-1776.

The stuff you mention is far too idealistic. Humans are generally bad, not generally good. Aliens would probably be the same way, they'd still make contact with us. But like with Europeans making contact w/ Indians.. there'd be a LOT of (very genuine) suspicion. And there'd likely be a spreading of disease which would be detrimental to one or more sides. Even if unintentional.

Good and evil are both relative, one can use evil for good. Look at the USSR and Stalin, yea. Lots of people died, but they had TREMENDOUS economic growth for a season.

Say what you will about Hitler, but he got their economy back on track. Even if war was needed to do so, he turned that country around.

"Great men are almost always bad men"

Even if they're bad or morally bankrupt, they can still do good. Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner, did good by doing what he did. George Washington too!

Not everything is black and white.