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Senior Member
Thoughts on the Millie Weaver shadowgate thing?

She makes a documentary gets arrested Alex Jones distances himself from her.
Now she's free and has her kids back.
I felt bad for her and sniffled seeing her tears of joy.

So what happened?
Did she get onto something and expose the whole plot against President Trump and America?
Or was everyone in there just an actor and Millie got fooled?

Alex Jones and Roger Stone got super offended by the documentary.
The thing is Alex Jones was not even mentioned at all (if so barely)
and Roger Stone was actually praised in the flick. So what's the deal here?

Shoudn't Millie be allowed back on Infowars even if she did get things a bit warped?


Witch Hunt

Senior Member
It is a rather complicated mess to be honest. But this s a quick explanation of her arrest. On the surface, her arrest seems politically motivated. But it could just be small town incompetence.
Funny how the D.A. waited till the day before her video's release to have her arrested though.

As for your questions OakFieldAlienz444, any mention of a Shadow conspiracy seems to make people in Washington nervous.