Shamanic Journey experiences


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Have You had success with Shamanic Journeying? I have had 3 experiences where I traveled elsewhere using shaman journeying techniques. I used a recorded drumbeat on a CD. I laid down with a blindfold and imagined entering a cave. That is one of the techniques for journeying. My first experience with journeying I found myself in an open field. Then without moving I found myself in the woods. And then I was in front of an Indian hut. A moment later an Indian started dancing in front of me. Then the journey ended. My next experience I found myself in a pickup truck going down a 4 lane highway with the college professor who introduced me to shamanism. I asked him “Is this real”. He just smiled at me. The journey ended. My last experience I found myself in a dark place but there were trees illuminated in the distance. A moment later a Ghandi looking individual appeared in front of me. I said “I come in peace.” He replied “We know. That’s why we came to you. “ That frightened me and I ended the journey abruptly. Those journey experiences were about 12 years ago. I have wanted to journey again but have not been able to achieve the journey. I will try again soon.


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Have talked with animals and seen the future, but my ancestors' drums and knowledge about the rituals were destroyed when Christianity came to Sweden. Some still speak Sami or Joik, but the culture is almost eradicated because it was forbidden until 1997, after joining the EU.