🛡️ Debate Should I found the church of Dibism?

Should I found Dibism?

  • No, because I called it first. I'm the dibbity bopp messiah!

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  • Blasphemy! I saw you giving money to homeless people.

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  • Greed is the devil talking.

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  • Can we take turns on calling dibs?

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  • If it's like anonymous alcoholics, focusing on learning how to share.

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  • You had me at the "don't touch my stuff" orgies.

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  • Dibs on being high priest(ess).

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  • Being a greedy monk/nun slapping people suits me well.

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For people who don't like sharing, call dibs on things and shout "don't touch my stuff!", while hoarding the last office supplies at work.

Followers need to have their own toiled both at home and at work, enforced as your religious right whenever applicable. The religion values privacy, sentimentality, quality and enjoying luxury.
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