Should we respond to aliens


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Sep 16, 2014
Kinda like the should we contact aliens question. The answer might well be no.

If aliens come in all kinds, Maybe there are malevolent ones who are hunting for planets, beings to enslave and resources. Not good for us.

On the other hand, how many centuries will the signal take to reach them? That kinda reminds you how alone we seem to be in our small spot of the universe. We’re gonna need better ways to communicate with them.
Besides some visitors, we have there kinds that are constantly on our planet monitoring us.

Grays - they are from our sister planet...very high in technology and may be 500,000 years ahead to us in technology. So, we do not have much in common to talk.

Atlantians. -they will not talk to us, until we reach there level in 500 years. I was an Atlantian (we call Rama Civilization)..I can tell you more, if you are interested. I was like Scotty of space ship is the cigar shapes one that you can see artistic view at S11 E1 of Ancient Aliens series...

High end Governance - they just monitor us
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Jun 18, 2015
If us humans one day pick up a confirmed signal from intelligent life, that are like us, and don't know if there is other life, and the message isn't directed to us, rather anyone who may be able to listen, should we respond? Are we ready to make that step forward?
there are so many interesting thoughts here , so there's no point me saying what everyone has said, but i will say that , yes, we should respond to aliens, and take a chance. it's when we take chances in life, that life has a chance to grow. but thats just my opinion, and of course a person has to use their head lol, i mean, let's not get stupid here, i don't mean, jumping off something to see if a person flies lol, we're talking about communicating with alien life. So, in that sense, i say, take a chance.

in my opinion, aliens are already here, (from where i don't know, i had a close encounter when i was younger, and i wasn't alone), my view (and i mean no offense to anyone), yet , my view is, that , they are here already, but are cowards, because they won't openly help the people of earth. To me, i don't care what their reasons are, they are cowards until they literally land in numbers and talk to the public and help stop all the wars by turning off the war toys . ok , opinion only, peace. :)