Podcast Sickly Souls- a day in Hell

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Feb 27, 2014
sickly souls

when our break was over, silas was encouraged by the institutions director to guide us in a quick tour of the grounds.
Moreover, druso also granted our desire to study how the principles of cause and effect worked in newly discarnate spirits.
We knew that death of the physical body was always the first step toward lifes harvest and thus we were aware of the fact that this environment would be most favorable for our constructive investigation because the immense umbral just beyond the earth plane was packed full of men and women who had crossed over the great frontier still fully connected to the corporeal experience.
Hilario and i happily followed our friend and passed through the huge gate to the outside. He was obviously aware of our objectives and told us good naturedly,
"without a doubt, for those of us who have recently returned from earth, the hellish regions, much more than the heavenly ones, are more suitable for our studies of the law of cause and effect , since crime, expiations, imbalance and pain make up part of our basic emotions in our daily toils, whereas angelic glory and bliss represent higher states of consciousness that transcend our comprehension".
And casting a look at the sorrowful scenes around us, Silas added movingly,
"psychically, we are closer to evil and suffering , that is why we understand very easily the many, many afflictive problems here".
As we walked farther along, we more deeply entered the dense darkness, which grew thicker with each step, but was illuminated here and there by dim torches as if light there had to struggle dreadfully to nourish itself and survive.
Sobs and screams, cursing and blasphemies were coming from the darkness.
By looking back, we could see that the space occupied by the institution was rectangular in shape and that the terrain before us was located behind it, inhabited by a huge population outside its walls.
Perceiving our curiosity and interest, the assistant began explaining,
"we are, in fact, in the region behind the institute. Its a broad area overflowing with troubled, suffering spirits".

Hilario, who was no less surprised than i was, remarked frankly,

"but all these spirits seem to have been abandoned to the storm. Shouldnt Mansao expand its embrace to help and defend them inside its walls?"

"Of course, replied silas calmly, that idea is most desirable, however, we are dealing with an enormous multitude of souls in readjustment. This immense conglomerate of creatures without a body of flesh started out as a group of discarnate beings who clamored for help from mansao but they did not possess the necessary prerequisites to receive it. so that carrying out its program, our institute couldnt open its doors to them right away because they took pleasure in their state of desperation and revolt, but it didnt disregard the possibility of assisting them outside its walls".

That is how, contrary to what we had wanted, this abysm of suffering got started. Thousands of spirits are gathered here haphazardly, victims of their own insane and gloomy thoughts. When they finally overcome their state of trouble or anguish, which may last for days, months or years, they are brought to our institute, which, as much as possible, avoids opening itself to minds that are still completely entrenched in constant rebelliousness.

Maybe because we were silently recalling the scenes from the night before involving the discarnate spirits sheltered in the large asylum, our friend added,
"yesterday, you witnessed the assistance rendered to an unfortunate brother abused in the darkness, and you also saw the arrival of sufferers just recently delivered from the flesh .
Among those who were benefited, you saw unconscious, indebted souls, but no evil and rebellious ones".
In light of this remark, which , to a certain extent eased his restless mind, hilario asked,
"can this environment, writhing in misfortune as it is, count on getting the help it needs?"

"Yes, said our friend. Many individuals who recovered at mansao have accepted invaluable tasks of aid by offering fraternal assistance in vast areas of this tortured region.
after having recovered there, they bring back here the blessings they received, making themselves valuable liaisons. Through them the administration of our institute assists thousands of needy minds and is certain which suffering brothers and sisters are worthy of entering the institute after their gradual transformation. Scattered about in the fields of darkness in small domestic sanctuaries, they continue their own renewal here by learning and serving".

"Nevertheless, continued hilario curiously, doesnt such an unfortunate colony of maladjusted souls suffer the control of wicked intelligences like the ones we saw yesterday on the other side of this place?"

"Yes, assaults like that are constant and unavoidable here, particularly regarding spirits who left bestialized accomplices behind in hellish lairs or in centers of terrestrial activities. In those cases, the victims of such discarnate human beasts suffer long, unimaginable torment through hypnotic fascination, something that many spirits of evil know how to do very well".

After a short pause, Silas continued,

"those are just some of the phenomena of comprehensible punishment that certain mystics observe during their out of the body experiences in the darkness, and which they classify as purifying torment. To them, guilty souls after death experience horrible tortures by demons inhabiting the darkness".

The assistants explanation, added to the ceaseless moaning and lamentations we were hearing , caused an unpleasant feeling.
Maybe that is why hilario, painfully touched by the cries around us, asked in wonder,

"why did you say comprehensible punishment?"

And trying to get it off his chest,
"do you think it is right for all these people to be grouped together in such desolation?"

Silas smiled sadly and said,

"i understand your concern. Undoubtedly, só much suffering in one place would not be right if it were not the result of those who preferred injustice while in the world. Isnt it right that we must all reap what we have sown?

On the same patch of fertile and neutral land, those who plant nettles will ´pick stinging nettles, and those who protect the garden will pick the fragrant flower.

The soil of life is the same for all of us, on this huge stage of anguish, we never find simple and innocent souls but rather individuals who abused their intelligence and power, and who, will fully deaf to prudence.
Lost themselves in the abysms of madness and cruelty, selfishness and ingratitude, temporarily rendering themselves prey to the insane and monstrous mental creations they weaved for themselves".

Our conversation ended suddenly in front of a small house half hidden in the fog, and from whose interior came comforting rays of light.

Large dogs that we could barely make out in the flickering light yelped strangely when they sense our presence.
All of a sudden, a very tall, rugged looking man appeared and greeted us from the small gate that separated us from the threshold of the house and invited us in.
Silas introduced him happily,

"his name was Orzil, one of mansos guards working in the darkness".
A few minutes later, we were inside the warm shelter.
At the guards command, two of the six dogs made themselves comfortable by lying down at ouur feet.

Orzil was huge, he looked like a bear in human form.
however, there was sincerity and devotion in the mirror of his clear eyes.
I got the perfect impression that he was a convict in the process of rehabilitation.

In the simple, cramped room there were rows of seats, and above them there was an oval shaped hollow, in which there was a hand made
cross illuminated by an oil lamp in the form of a shell.

Orzil left to calm down the less tame dogs in the back,
meanwhile , the assistant informed us,
orzil is a friend with very little education who commiteed lamentable crimes in the world. He suffered a lot at the hands of old adversaries, but after a long stay at manso, he has been rendering valuable help in this vast region inhabited by despair. He is helped by helping.
By serving unselfishly and with fraternal devotion , not only does he reeducate himself, but he will also soften the playing field for the new life waiting for him in the physical realm due to the simpathies he has attracted on his behalf.

Does he live alone?
I couldnt help asking.

"He dedicates himself to meditation and studies of a personal nature, Silas remarked patiently, but as is the cae with many other outposts, this one has a few cells occupied by spirits under treatment and waiting to be received by our institute.
Just then, orzil came back and the assistant asked him kindly,

"hows the work going?"

"Theres a lot of it, boss", he replied humbly.

"Yesterdays storm brought immense devatation, i think there must have been enormous suffering in the swamps."

Assuming that he was referring to the abysmal precipices where thosand of unfortunate , troubled souls struggled, hilario asked,

"woulnt it be posssible to reach such places to help those who are suffering?"
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