Sid Meier’s Civilization VII

Would be more interested in buying another Civilization game if they slowed down the release cycles and fixed bugs instead. Each iteration changes so little anyway.

Well it's been 8 years since they released 6, but since then, they've been pumping out DLCs like there is no tomorrow.

4, 5 and 6 all were widely inferior to their predecessor at release. Took years of updates and expansions to get better and beyond.

As of today, I'd still venture to say that the ultimate version of Civ is 5 with the Vox Populi modpack. I don't like the district mechanic of 6.

Then again... Maybe we have unrealistic expectations. We expect them to release straight out a game that's superior to one they've been developing, fine tuning and balancing for 7-8 years.

So 7 will certainly feel empty and crude at release compared to 6's ultimate form. Better wait a couple of years and DLCs!! ;)

Totally awesome. I'm ready! Yes, it may seem empty at first until more DLC comes out, but maybe not. I saw a train in the video.
Maybe they'll be allowing train tracks this time.

They're being really quiet about it. I see announcement articles, but no details!