Some of my paranormal experiences

Hi i am new here I do not know if this is the right place to put your personal experiences in. but I would to share some personal paranormal experiences if I can. If not, mods can remove the thread.

So to start off, I always knew I had a spiritual gift (I do have spiritual gifts in which I think are ancestor related) and ever since I was a toddler I have always been seeing things like demons, ghosts, creatures, shadows etc.
So the earliest things I remember as I believe being paranormal was when I was 3 or 4 years old I woke up from a dream one night and I woke up and I was floating and I was also experiencing sleep paralysis. I couldn’t move or do anything it only lasted for a few seconds until it felt as if some entity pulled or pushed me back on the bed and THAT was my weirdest paranormal experience I have ever had.
Another thing I remember was a dream I had. When I was about 3 or 4 again, I had a dream that I was standing in the hallway and I saw two kids about my age one was a girl and one was a boy they were pale and had black eyes and when they opened their mouths their face and entire body started forming holes of void and nothingness.

And this one I think was when I was 4 and I remember we had this couch- bed thingy lol im really bad at describing things but I was sleeping there and I think my aunt went in the other room from the kitchen and I fell asleep and when I woke up I then saw this demon-lady thing come out from behind the um entrance thing from the dining room. And she ok the best way I can describe her she looked dead and she was dark that was the only way I can describe her. I didn’t scream or anything surprisingly! I just casually went back to bed like nothing happened.

This experience happened when I was 4 again so I was standing between the door of the living room and I saw my grandpa sitting on the floor on something I then saw this 8-10 legged creature right next to my grandpa. Again I didn’t scream but I just went into the other room and when I came back it was gone.
This experience happened when I was 6. So I was sleeping and then I woke up in the middle of the night and both the living room door and my room door was wide open and then the room door started to close by itself and then an African-american woman (who didn’t look like a family member on my moms side because im mixed) who looked like she was from the 1800s she was wearing a long nightgown and had her hair in a braid. She then told me “go to sleep” and then she went into the living room and the living room door closed by itself. I don’t know what that was all about lol I don’t know if it was an ancestor because she looked like she was from the 1800s. literally.
Now I haven’t had any paranormal experiences when I was 7 to 10 because I wasn’t spiritually awake yet but I did still have a high sixth sense back then or ESP – extra sensory perception.

When I was spiritually awake at 11-12 that’s when I started seeing the shadows and entities and that’s when the paranormal stuff happened again. When I was 13 a thing started for me it is called “Astral projection” I am guessing majority of you know what that is but for those who don’t know AP – Astral projection is a state where your soul leaves your body and your consciously aware, exploring the realms of the astral plane and outside this 3d world.
There was this one experience however that leaves me questioning what it was so this happened last year of 2020 in July – September and I woke up form a strange but normal dream I still remember and I was in that astral state again for the 100th time and I could hear laughing in the background of two people one was an adult man another was a little girl. I then heard a deep quick voice say my name. I was trying to get up from the bed but I could see my hand in a transparent ghost-like state and I tried calling out for help but it sounded like my voice was preventing me from talking but then I couldn’t talk at all even if I tried but when I coughed, I got out of that astral-state.

Now heres what I mean by “sad” almost 10 years ago, I lost my uncle to something tragic I don’t feel comfortable talking about. I believe he always visited me since he appeared in visitation dreams to friends of my family telling them I hope I have a good day. But I started to feel his presence in jan of last year. One night I was trying to sleep when I started to think of him and I started to cry really hard and then I started to feel his presence around and basically then I got a telepathic message from saying I need to listen to them and not to worry about him. His presence comes to me a lot like for example one night I was sleeping and then I woke up at 3 – 4 am and I felt his presence and I felt the sense of pure love and protection this happened a few times after that as well.
And before I end this thread, I just want to know this. I don’t just see shadows. Does anyone else see these entities or spirits that have the outline of a human but inside they are static-y? I just want to know if anyone else has seen them and tell me what they are because I am confused.

Well anyways guys that was some of my paranormal experiences. there is more experiences i have had i am sure but it would be a long thread. maybe when I have more paranormal experiences in the future I will share them! Thank you guys so for reading! Bye!


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Ghosts exist! Many countries in the world have ghost records. Although we come from different countries, we all go to the same world after death. It's a negative world. If there is a positive world. Then there will be a negative world. There are real numbers and imaginary numbers in nature.
Personally, I think people will go to the high-dimensional world when they die. You can see them now. The Chinese principle is that the yang in the body is too weak. The ancient Chinese believed that people were made up of yin and yang.
So things that use wizards to exorcise ghosts can drive them away.
When you are on the verge of death, many incredible things happen. And within 49 days after death, there was this phenomenon. My father died of cancer. Once I suddenly heard a knock at the door, but it was night, so maybe it was my father's soul knocking at the door. The weight of the soul has been measured to be 28 grams.
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It sounds like you are a sensitive. You can sense and see spirits. It is a form of psychic ability, like ESP. What is the difference between a sensitive and a medium? Mediums can also see and communicate with incorporeal beings. Sprits are thought to exist on the astral plane, which is like another dimension.
I have also seen figures at night, but not nearly as much as you have. I don't have the psychic abilities, like you do. I think what I have seen are entities, like spirits, on a different level of existence.
You have also had out of body experiences, which are another type of para-spiritual phenomena, like near death experiences. But you don't have to nearly die in order for your spirit to leave your body, under the right circumstances.


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The weight of the soul should be 21 grams, but it has been debunked , since its the air leaving the body not the 'soul'