Something happened

Motoko Aoyama

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Something happened

Something happened on Sunday 10-17-2004, it was night time and while I was drinking ice water I stared at a clock. The clock displayed 10:36 PM, I still stared at the clock while drinking ice water 60 seconds later the clock displayed 10:37 PM, 60 seconds later 10:38 PM, 60 seconds later 10:39 PM and then... 1 second later 10:40 PM. I was really suprised to see that 1 second its 10:39 PM and then the next second it was 10:40 PM. Also the some words in the conversation in my parent's room were skipped. I don't know what was happening, but it wasn't the first time. When I was 5 or 6 years old I was staring at the clock and it displayed 9:30 PM, then when I blinked my eyes and looked at the clock again it displayed 3:30 or 3:45 AM. My mom and dad was surprised and I was surprised to. The wierdest thing is that I never felt tired and when I woke up, I waked up at 7:30 AM fully rested, I wasn't tired at all. It was really a wierd experience!
Something happened

creepy - had you been doing anything out of the ordinary recently? practicing intense meditation or anything?

Hi Motoko I'm Frog I just wanted to say what you were experiencing was missing time or skipped time that is when time shifts or goes faster or slower or means doesn't remember lost time it is kind of like alien abductions when they loose time and don't remember their experiences skipped time is when someone blanks out of memory and doesn't know what is going on your mind just skips time in general and in private time in general is very different for humans as well as the grays or aliens our time doesn't intersect with the aliens they don't care about our time but only themselves they are observing us anyways and they are time travelers like us but want our resources like water, food, and etc on earth if god created us he created aliens as well as time if god didn't exist then someone else would of created man and women and so on but I still believe that alien technology and the future improved our timeline I believe that john titor and other time travelers have changed our timeline for the better I have seen the past and future through astral travel through sleeping and in my dreams and through them I have some good astral trips and some bad or evil astral trips they are like other dimensions or higher dimensions that some people can access we can learn more about what information you get from these trips and dreams they are really not nightmares more evil interpretations or reasons to avoid when we wake up from them so do other dimensions, parallel universes or timelines, and etc do exist I would say yes they all exist but to get their you must practice in order to see, hear, and touch them in general and in private many people have various experiences to tell I can't see and hear what others are doing and saying that would be boring if you achieve what your doing the more experiences others will listen to and tell others their cool experiences and stories in my past experience I had I was a girl standing in front of a barn or building I had old clothing on like middle ages or nineteen century clothing and then I was holding something and either ran into the barn or building then woke up but I didn't remember the whole experience but what I just told you above I didn't travel physically there just through that experience I had well I have to go now I will talk with you all later on see ya later thanks for listening!
Frog, I'm confused. You say you don't remember the experience (the 19th century barn where you were a girl), but you just told us about it.

How did you do that if you don't remember it? I don't understand.
Hi bowtiesarecool it's me once again I just wanted to tell you I didn't remember I was a girl when I woke up from the trip or dream but later on I remembered I was the girl in the trip or dream sorry I didn't respond back to you earlier I am kind of busy doing other things in the meantime I also have a lot of books and videos on time travel and other subjects as well but I don't have a video camera and scanner to send you the stuff sorry about that so how are you doing in general and in private? Their will be more virtual reality and entertainment in the near future books and information will be carried in digital cards or cards that you carry world war 3 will happen there will be no food and water in the near future people will go crazy and will try and ration food and water and probably oil or gas no one will trust the government and we will come together and fight against the government martial law will become declared as for the positive holographics will become reality tv, radio, and phones will appear to you and you can see tv and who is calling you on a holographic screen in effect it will be a technological world this is further in the future not as today we will also have flying cars, buses, trucks, trains, and so on I am not talking about back to the future part 2 this movie is different then the real thing time travel and other inventions will be created as well and you can spend time in the past and future going anywhere you want as long as you don't disrupt the timelines or parallel universes invisibility cloaks will also succeed so anyone or anything is cloaked so no one can see or hear you teleportation will become reality too you can teleport to anywhere you want to go also tubes are invented for faster travel instead of a car or bus or truck that is all I can tell you for now I must keep secret nothing else must be explained to you or others in this forum I am not trying to be rude or mean to you that information above is kept secret in order for me not to be exposed thanks for talking with me but I have much stuff to do in the meantime!
I am fine and thanks for asking. How are you?

Does anyone trust the government now? Lol. I don't know anyone who does. :)

Well, I don't know if you'll be able to answer this since you say everything's secret, but how do you know all of this?

what do you mean by you have a lot of books and videos on time travel but don't have a video camera to send them?
Are you referring to things you are talking about in this post? Or are you just talking about like movies and books about time travel in general?

And how come you can tell us all of this but the rest is secret?

I heard somewhere that flying cars had already been invented. I don't know if that's correct.

We were supposedly supposed to have all of this stuff by now. How come George Jetson gets a robot maid and I don't? ;)
Hi bowties it's me once again let me answer some of your questions up above here goes I can't answer them all just some of them:

First question I am doing good for now thanks for your fast reply back to me on the forum.

Third question I have books and movies on time travel that I read and research and I watch movies that our in my possession of as right now.

New Question I don't trust the government and no one else will in the near and further future the rest is history for now.

I can't answer question 2 and 4 so sorry about that as for George Jetson it was a cartoon show but it helped inspire others to build robots and androids in the further future and there will be robots and androids in the further future, robots and androids will do all the work for us even some will look total human to us and advanced but in this timeline your inventors are at the beginner stages and the robots and androids can't do as much today as in the further future. As for having a robot or android it is very helpful in the further future then humans will relax from working before in the present or past.

As for time machines you will be able to travel to the past, present, and further future in order for if you want to leave if your bored or just want a vacation but you must not interfere with history then everything will be changed for you and others when you get back so you can be an observer back in the past, present, and further future you be able be there physically, astrally, and mentally I am not a scientist or a major in science or physics so I do know some of the basics but not all of it.

Mars and The Moon will be colonized so anyone will be able to live in those atmospheres but this doesn't happened until later on in the further future I don't know if I will still be around to see that happen even though I heard that somewhere on tv or radio or from a friend.

this is all I can tell you for now I must be going now I have stuff to do in general I will talk with you later on!
I know the Jetsons was just a cartoon, lol. I was joking. :)

So when you say you can't interfere with history, do you mean anything at all, like anything random, or important historical events like wars and such?

Like if you just changed something in your own past for example, that is not historically significant, then what?
Also, you keep saying: "not allowed". So,you're saying there's laws concerning this?

Androids that look just like humans? Ooh, I think I'll get me one of those Jude Law models. ;)