Soylent Green Is People !!!


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Soylent Green Is People !!!

I just watched this movie, it's an awesome 70s sci-fi film with Charlton Heston.

***Spoilers Ahead*** (Even if I'm the only one who never saw it before)

The story wasn't that all exciting, except at the end, when we visit the Soylent Green factory. It's an Heston movie, so we see him walk, talk, move around, and there's not much action. A bunch of 70s movies end in the same fashion as SG. It just ends with Heston telling the black dude that Soylend Green is made with people. The End. Credit Rolls.

If it was a recent movie, in wouldn't end that fast, but it's a 70s movie and it does. BAM! The End.

I knew it was a classic movie, I wanted to see it, and it was exactly what I was expecting. I like Charlton Heston, and the atmosphere in the movie was interesting. Now I know what's Soylent Green!

Who likes this movie, and why ?
Re: Soylent Green Is People !!!

I like the way Heston's character (a law enforcement officer) gets to keep (as compensation)whatever he finds at crime scenes. It opens with him at a murder scene (some "rich" dude was killed) where he snoops around and finds a piece of what he thinks might be beef. Him and Edward G. Robinson (his dad, IIRC) feast on this tiny roast.Beats eating PEOPLES!!!! I guess.Harte

Re: Soylent Green Is People !!!

Yeah, that was awesome! "Look... have you ever seen a bar of soap that big ?" lol

Charlton Heston rocks, Planet of the Apes was a great movie too, with an amazing twist ending. I always knew the end of the movie, but I can imagine how freaking awesome it probably was for people watching that movie for the first time in 1968, without knowing the ending (I guess there were a few people who didn't pay attention to the poster!). I'll need to watch the Omega Man, I never saw it before.

A great movie.

You just start to hear the closing music at the end of this clip, and you note that it is the same music which played when Edward G. Robinson's character "went home". One is led to believe that Heston's character (along with anybody who believed him) will also be quietly "taken home". Chilling thought.
I still laugh every time this meal-replacement product, Soylent, pops up on any of my social media apps. Completely plant-based protein. Sure, whatever you say, dude.
I dislike and LOVE this move... It is premium cheese. I never would of liked it upon release, but as camp fodder HAHAHA.... But yeah past its campiness is the bullshit message it tried to spread. The world is running out of food, we are over populating... SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE.... bunch of half bakes George soros Bilderberg bullshit.

We got enough food and ability to feed everyone on planet earth right now.

SO why is it that people go hungry?

Well we got warlords, governments , and private organizations that get in the way. Dictators that want complete control, governments that stymie things with red tape and bullshit thinking that a village can do it better, and NGOs that refuse and/or interfer with food distribution for their reasons however fucked they may be. ….. China feeds its people with what little land they got... India has even less land and feeds their billion with what they got. Their is enough for everyone.

THeir really is enough food for everyone.

Distribution is only part of the problem... Teaching locals proper cultivation is another.

IN some places people think you can only water plants during certain times of the day or year otherwise BULLSHIT the MoonGod will be upset. Prove voodoo isn't a "real" science... That is one problem. Then you got the warlords milking shit like crazy keeping people oppressed for personal gain.... Then their is war torn regions like Syria that cant do shit at the moment because American wont stop supporting isreal and isreal really REALLY wants the Gollan heights of Syria because they know oil is their and they want into the oil game. SO they and the nation they run by vassal the USA oppress Syria for the greed.... and they people suffer...tough to get food in a war zone.

Mexico and Canada they have food. Brazil and argentina has food... I hear Venezuela is having some tough times but I dont hear about food riots.

Because this is a new digital age. We can go online and share with people how to power grow produce in five gallon buckets for personal use. On an industrial scale the growth of food is a science that can be maximized for any level of tech your working with. IF all you have is donkeys and ploughs horhey the son of the village leader can show you how to get the most out of it with his smart phone. If you have tractors and money you have crop rotation . Then at that point distribution becomes the roblem….WE PAY FARMERS TO NOT GROW FOOD IN AMERICA... because they can over produce and flood the market.

Food shortages are just a symptom of mans greed and ego.

Their will always be enough food...… BUt you got the freaks on top the bilderbergs and rothschils that think their are too many people and that we need to follow the Georgia guidestone princables … those fuckers can not die of heart attacks soon enough.
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