Space time metamaterials

P. Jedi

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Maybe we will get an upgrade about satellite coordinates. With that gps we know where the space connect to the matter. For example the north pole is always at latitude 90. 0000 longitude 0.0000 but this is wrong if we consider that in time we are changing our position in the space compare to the sun.
I image that a new GPS should care about our position compare to the Sun.
This would be basical to actualize the teletransportation, for who will invented it.
Do you understand what I mean? Does anything like that already exist?


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oh fascinating paper
as usual it's encapsulated in word salad.
physicists truly have no concept of simplicity.

I'd say the paper is either trying hide fundamentals in jargon or is entirely crap.
prob the latter. can usually tell when it's all mathematical conjecture rather than experimental evidence.
not always but in this case likely just more endless pure conjecture.

steven chiverton

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to complicated for me to understand the papers just show us a realtime working design and skip the technical bs talk