Special SAS unit has been trained to respond to an Alien invasion of Earth!


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Feb 8, 2015
An elite group of SAS soldiers is being trained to tackle a range of alternative threats, including the possibility of contact with extra-terrestrials..
The elite soldiers are trained to use non lethal weapons against a variety of potential threats-including aliens...A source told the UK Daily Star Newspaper The SAS has to be prepared for anything, and any threat..

The SAS soldiers can use a range of non lethal weapons, one of which includes spraying foam which covers a target and hardens rapidly, preventing them from moving....Troops are understood to have trained alongside US special forces in America....The source also added, "Most people believe that life on other planets exist"...Even Einstein in 1920 said, "Why should Earth be the only planet supporting human life?, if you believe in that then you must accept that Alien life presents a threat, so you need to plan for it"...