Sports betting with HDR Unit

Aug 1, 2016
Steven Gibbs told me that he deliberately designed the caduceus coil so that it sends you to an alternate timeline so that people cannot use his HDR for gambling purposes. Otherwise, people would use an HDR to play the stock market or win horse races.
Thanks for the answer. That is what I thought. And I think that is why @Tron1 could be wrong with his predictions.

BTW, he says that you can build an HDR to take you back in time to a direct past timeline, but that is very dangerous as you could erase yourself from this existence or crash this timeline or even worse. He says if you build an HDR with a special caduceus coil made to take you to a direct future timeline and you try to win in a casino... karma kicks in.
What is, when others do it? Other people change history? Can they erase you? Or do you only change your own destiny and not the destiny of others? So someone travels back and kills his father. Is he teleported to another timeline and cannot come back to his original timeline, while the original timeline, where his father is alive, still exists only somewhere in the multiverse?

Or how and why does he know all that? I think Gibbs should have experimented a bit.


Nov 29, 2004
Or how and why does he know all that? I think Gibbs should have experimented a bit.
Time and matter together compose sort of a creature, or an organ. So if you go back and see your grandfather, there's an annex port that you can actually see them, maybe even talk to them, but not perform any social reaction that directly affects that time line. To make this very very simple, without overburdening the mind with a whole lot of formulas, the situation is similar to one of the Indian gods, with multiple sets of arms and faces.

Each face represents an annex port to communications, but the overall nature of that inspect of just that one port into that timeline, should not affect the timeline overall. There's some allowance for this, but not much.

On the other hand if one tries to directly change that timeline, then more than likely your time police will show up. I've heard one interview to where Gibb's said he did time travel.

*You need this, example of a timeline bust-out. A time traveler goes back to a city in another time line to where he picks up an auto part intended for that timeline only. Time police by their instruments are notified, but the culprit stealing the part is not apprehended.
This person tries to use their part for his own purposes. Such a warpage and pressure is added to that timeline an entire car, a Centurion 385 is burped out into the stealer's origin of timeline. Nobody when the car is checked over by impound, can figure out where this vehicle may have come from. They enter the car, find the vehicle registration, but the owner's name is whited out.

The timeline itself will operate this way and nobody has to tell it to do that. This is why there are time cops.


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May 24, 2011
Funny you should talk about alternate time lines because my dead girlfriend is now talking to me. She says prison I say otherwise.