Star wars Vs planet earth


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Jun 11, 2019
How comes star wars is set in a galaxy far far away from the people of planet earth ,yet in star wars a new hope , Luke whilst having lunch with Owen discussing Luke staying on another season etc , Luke is drinking out a cup ( found on earth in a galaxy far far away from tatooine) and at padmes private retreat on naboo in attack of the clones, anakin opens fruit with a knife ( cutlery ) , anyone ever think about making a epic masterpiece science fiction movie set light years away from earth where the fictional characters do absolutely nothing in coincidences to that of factual people on planet earth ?


Dec 15, 2005
This makes me think of the comic in which Han and Chewie crash-land on Earth, featuring both Han Solo and Indiana Jones.
The lost Indiana Jones-Star Wars crossover was really depressing

I have to believe that a knife, something used to cut through material, is something kinda universal to intelligent life forms. That doesn't explain why some knifes found in the SW saga look exactly like ours though. And aren't seasons present on pretty much all planet, theoretically? And... shouldn't Tatooine have weird seasons, since it has 2 suns?