Steven Gibbs Interviews [Complete List]

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This is a complete list of all publicly available interviews with Steven Gibbs, the inventor of the HDR.

Coast to Coast AM Appearances

DateShowGuestsListen and Download
1997-JAN-13Coast to Coast AM w/ Art BellSteven Gibbs, - Art Bell Collection
1998-MAR-09Coast to Coast AM w/ Art BellSteven Gibbs, - Art Bell Collection
2000-JUN-27Coast to Coast AM w/ Mike SiegelSteven Gibbs, CallersCurrently Missing
2004-JAN-12Coast to Coast AM w/ George NoorySteven Gibbs, C2CAM 2004
2008-JAN-11Coast to Coast AM w/ George NoorySteven Gibbs, C2CAM 2008

Other Radio Appearances

DateShowGuestsListen and Download
2004-AUG-20Sherry ShrinerSteven GibbsRemoved from YouTube, can upload.
2004-DEC-11The Edge AMSteven GibbsUnable to locate, can upload.
2017-APR-24Universal Consciousness ShowAage Nost, Patricia RessSoundcloud


DateShowGuestsListen and Download
2003Aage Nost - Hidden TruthsSteven Gibbs, John StevensYouTube
2007Rob & BigSteven GibbsYouTube

Recent Appearances

DateShowGuestsListen and Download
2019-OCT-11Dr J Radio LiveSteven Gibbs, AveryYouTube
2019-NOV-05Lary Glen AndersonSteven Gibbs, AveryFacebook
2020-OCT-28Lary Glen AndersonSteven Gibbs, AveryFacebook - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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Two more lost interviews!
It would be nice to find these old shows.

DateShowGuestsListen and Download
1997-NOV-30Mike Jarmus - Reality and BeyondSteven GibbsUnable to locate
1998-MAR-01Mike Jarmus - Reality and BeyondSteven GibbsUnable to locate



excellent list.
I wanted a copy of the 2000 coast to coast am one...but can't find it anywhere.
Gibbs himself may or may not have the only copies, on tape. :ROFLMAO:
Or perhaps C2C will someday replay as a 'somewhere in time '.

@FarOutThere Excellent research to discover all those dates..

(y) It was zero effort relative to my enthusiasm. There were probably more, available only to those who strap on the HDR and go for a ride. (Let me have this one)


he seeks no publicity what so ever
he sold maybe if i give him benefit of the doubt.. maybe 1000 units.. i cant see 1500.. this is in um almost 40 human years.. think about it..
he made about 300,000 usd in 40 years.. but it is not really since you take out tax and all kind of other payments for promotion.. and he is left with 200k in 40 years.. little less than 40.. but still huge period of time..

200k divided by 40 years = 5000 usd/ year = 450 usd/month = 112 usd/week = 20usd/day = 3 usd/hour

he simply did no money from this considering he put work into this..

this is why i say something here is smelling strange.. this is NOT the type of scam that bring money to your pocket i just dont see this as a scam.. you cant even live on this.. i mean not even bare minimum.. you guys know that

should do more interviews though but even that he does not seem to want..


Senior Member
gibbs said he makes 2 a week by hand.
been selling them at that rate since 1985(most sales are on a waitlist)

35yrs x 104 a year = 3640 units x $360 unit cost = $1,310,400
sounds like a lot until you realize that's 37k a year.

he's not swimming in cash.
if it was a scam with the claims he's making people would pay 100k per device.

like the bible says, 'you know them by their works'