Strange occurrence

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Doc Brown

Junior Member
Strange occurrence

On Sunday 24th October, I was alone in the house - my sister and mother were out together and my father had gone on a bike ride. I was playing music and was standing by the window, when I caught a glimpse of my Dad riding down the street on his bike. I only looked for about a second, but I could have sworn it was him.

I waited for him to come in, a few minutes passed, and no one did. I went outside to look and he wasn't there either. So I went back inside and about five minutes later, I saw him come down the road again, and this time he came into the house. I asked him if he'd cycled down just before, but he said he hadn't.

I know it's likely that I just imagined seeing him, that it was a trick of the light, but I could have sworn it was my Dad - is it possible I glimpsed the very near future?