Suicidal thoughts pt 3

Mr Unknown

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Mar 6, 2020
You see, my real problem is that I've always wanted to be somebody. Like, leave a mark. I want people to remember me when I die. I want people to know my name, to see my name in a headline. It sounds arrogant but that's what I really want. I'm an artist. And artists need people to recognise their work.And all this problems that has happened and the ones that are happening make me feel like I'm never gonna make that dream come true. And I feel like I don't control my life and it makes me want to die.


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Oct 28, 2011
I responded in your part two.

Here ill just remind you that one day the sun will turn into a red giant and expand past the earth. Even if we become interstellar , the universe will end. Everything is transite. Temporary. Fleeting. If your too busy trying to become memorable how are you even gonna make a memory.?

Go cliff diving, hike through new parts of the city or walk to a differnt city . I can walk 30 miles in a day. Granted that is a non stop all day from rise to sleep walk but it is something i know about myself. That and it takes me two days of wlking from the us border to reqch montreal.

Life is short. Try to enjoy it and do your best to avoid hurting others ... forgive yourself and others when pain happens cause it will from all angels... but keep loving and living. Dont stop just because pain happens.. live love and have so.e mcmothertrucking fun.