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OK, as I have said before, I am part jew. Today, mom took me to a Jewish synagogue. I did not want to go, but I am glad that I did go. Most of you know that I am Christian and I believe in Jesus. However, it is great to see other people and what they believe in.

First, there was a Torah reading and the Rabbi gave a blessing to us. Then he started talking about how 400 rockets hit Israel last week, and he also talked about the man who attacked and killed people in a synagogue. Hey, this is not a good time to be a jew. Well, I cannot think of a time that was super. Actually, this rabbi was born in Israel and has a different perspective than many.

11 Killed in Synagogue Massacre; Suspect Charged With 29 Counts

Back in the 90's my mom would take me often to the synagogue. There are a lot of changes from then to now. First off, back then all the synagogue members were white and now there are people of many races. Also, there is a lot more dancing and singing. This is similar to a Christian church in some ways. Let me add that back then most men wore ties, but those are now rare.

I want to say that I love all people irregardless of race or origin.

People there were nice. Also, they did welcome me to come again.



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What 400 rockets?... How would the Palestinians even get them. Not through Egypt. And they wouldn't be smuggled through Isreal proper. Nor would anything make it past the naval blockaid …. they aint got the resources to make themselves. …. What 400 rockets? where, Launched with what fuel and what explosives? And shit Why not use guns? according to the articles ive read trying to learn more... One dude with a gun seemed to do much more damage than a stateless nation with 400 rockets.

Whatever happened to the palistinian camera movement?... I remember one group of activists, they gave all the palistinians they could cameras and told them to record everything they could and upload it online... Watched many a youtube video about their real life day to day....I remember watching an old man running to protect a little girl walking to school. People were throwing stones at her for being palistinian and the old man just took all the rocks … didnt retaliate didnt cuss the stone throwers, he just walked in front of the little girl taking the rocks.... I remember another video where some onrey Palestinians did have some guns and they were shooting, and a punch of old palistinian ladies came out and started holding them back and beating them with shoes and the story went they were trying to stop them from retaliating lets the IMF kill em all... then over time. channel after channel disappeared. Its funny.... Saturday morning cartoons can be interrupted to show kids the dead bodies of sadam hussanes kids to assure the public (and the kids that were watching cartoons) that we eviscerated this dudes kids. But Palestinians showing off the real day t day struggles of their lives and their interactions with the IMF... well thats to violent or controversial for youtube….. meh.... anyone with eyes can see.

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It truly is amazing what the jews have gone through. I don't think anyone can argue they weren't the most targeted group of people in history. Bring up a time period and you can find examples of jews being oppressed. And I don't mean that as a buzz word. There were times all throughout history were the jews were murdered and enslaved for their beliefs. It's truly amazing how resilient they are. And, although I'm not even a little bit jewish, I admire them, and hope I can go to Israel one day.


I want to change the history of Judaism, actually. I think history gave Jews a bad wrap, so I came up with a blueprint for a history where they are more fortunate. To see some of my changes of the history of Judaism, particularly in Europe, take a look at the following thread: New Modern History of Judaism.