T.I.M.E. Chapter 1


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T.I.M.E. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 is here. Please feel free to give any comments/suggestions or anything would be appreaciated. I am posting it for that reason...to get feedback on it.

It was a dark room. To Alex, it seemed like an old warehouse of some sort. The room had glowing metal tubes on all the walls. The roof was covered with an invisible material, allowing for an observer to see through it. But the material appeared to be unbreakable. The doors at the exits were huge and were made of a new metal alloy, also apparently unbreakable. The building looked like a fortress. There were huge containers and boxes were piled up, all floating, as if there was no gravity present.

In the corner sat Alex. He looked weak, tired and lacking in energy. He appeared to have survived a horrible fight. He had blood on his right arm and has a gash on his left side of the face.

There was a large man on the other side of the room. He was carrying a large weapon. It appeared to be mounted on his shoulder. It had a silver lining, and the barrel was huge. On each side there was a bar indicating power and ammo. A corner of the weapon read ?XT200.? This was an electric powered firearm, and disbursed such high voltage electrical pulses that targets exploded on contact. The large man was slowly moving towards Alex in the corner. The large man called out ?Alex, this is it my dear friend. Your end has come and my beginning is just one step ahead.? ?Not even over my dead body!? Alex exclaimed. ?There is no escape my friend, no escape? the large man playfully replied. ?Don?t you ever call me friend again!? Alex angrily shouted back.

The large man roared and started running towards Alex, as he raised his weapon. Just as he was about to hit Alex with his weapon, Alex suddenly disappeared.