T.I.M.E. Chapter 3

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T.I.M.E. Chapter 3

Please reply with your feedback, it will be greatly appreaciated. Thanks for your time on reading and following my story, enjoy :).

Chapter 3:

Lieutenant Abbot decided to cut the wire himself. He picked up a tile and cut it. The bomb was de-activated, the countdown stopped and he was relieved.

?Sir, bomb has been de-activated. I am going to the beginning of the street to de-activate the second part of the bomb on this street. Team Beta should do the same.? Lieutenant Abbot confirmed.

?Good job Lieutenant. Team Beta, do as he says. De-activate both parts of the bomb, we have already searched street 2 completely and we are moving back to the beginning of the street, re-searching it. Keep me informed.? Alex ordered.

?Sir yes sir!? Sergeant Kennan and Lieutenant Abbot replied simultaneously.

?Sir, another part of the bomb has been de-activated. Moving towards the next one.? Sergeant Kennan informed.

?Good job Sergeant, keep it up.? Alex replied.

?Sir, another part of the bomb has been de-activated, 1 part to go and we have 3 minutes.? Lieutenant Abbot informed.

?Thank you Lieutenant, great job. We have enough time.? Alex replied.

?I don?t think we do sir,? Sergeant Kennan said. ?we are jammed, apparently there was a car accident and when the cars fell they killed some civilians. There are lots of ambulances and policemen and a lot of people walking around slowly where there is the enough space to do so. I don?t think we will be able to make it there in time.?

?Well look for someway to reach it! We got no time!? Alex demanded.

?I am afraid there is nothing we can do sir.? Sergeant Kennan said.

?Hell there is?I am going to do it myself.? Alex replied angrily, he started running towards the last part of the bomb. He was pushing people aside, people looked at him as if he was crazy or something. He jumped a kid that was in his way, since he didn?t want to push him. He kept running, he looked at his TRS and it stated ?3:4310?. He kept running, he was only 100 yards away. The mission was on his hands and he couldn?t fail. Alex heard a sniping shot and a guy was killed right behind him.

?Target neutralized sir? one of the snipers of his team indicated.

Alex looked at him and smiled, but kept running non-stop. He finally reached the last bomb part. He opened it, he saw the 3 wires but he didn?t have anything to cut it with. He saw a glass in the floor, picked it up, and cut the wire. His TRS stated ?Mission Complete? and the numbers ?3:44? were flashing.

?Good job team, mission accomplished. In 5 minutes we will all be transported back to our present time. Meet at the departure point to evade public.? Alex ordered.

?Sir, yes sir.? They all replied simultaneously.

They all met at the departure point, which was where they were diploid at the beginning of the mission. ?Congratulations sir, you did it.? One of the soldiers told Alex.

?No, we all did it.? Alex replied in a humble manner. When they were teleported back to their present, no one congratulate them even though the stopped one of the biggest terrorist attacks ever. Not because they didn?t want to congratulate them, they didn?t know Alex?s team actually stopped something since for them it never existed.

?Welcome back? (A.I. Female name here) said.

?Thank you, we are proud to be.? Alex replied.

Alex went out of the building for his lunch break. There was a guy in the corner of the parking lot, in a dark area. Alex couldn?t identify who it was because of the shadow covering the guy. The guy called out on Alex, so Alex got near him slowly. The guy said ?Beware the new guy at the agency, and beware his last kill.? Then the guy disappeared. ?What the?? Alex said.


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Re: T.I.M.E. Chapter 3

So when is chapter 4 coming. I'm enjoying the story yeyeman.



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Re: T.I.M.E. Chapter 3

I dont know yet, soon tho. Been kind of busy lately, I will see if I have some time today to write it...Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying it!