Teleportation is now real

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Dr. Keshe of keshe foundation is known to many of making MAGRAV technology. A non moving instruments to create free energy, health benefits. Recenlty I have seen one of his (long long) youtube presentaions. He showed a 4 seater ship who he said costs 500K EURO and can travel from city to city or planet to planet in minutes.
having seen some of his many many videos. They are unfortunately long each 3 hours or more. He shoes guests and testimonies from all around the world to support his invntions. But never seen a clear pinpoint justification how it works. yet the number of people who show on his youtube channel showing their (I made it) tells it is probably real.
The spaceship he showed is shown here


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Teleportation was invented around 20 years ago. Simply converting matter into energy and back into matter, one elemental particle at a time.


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now real?
this is the only thing the deep state is working on 70 years, they concentrate on time travel because they can't go into high orbit "space" no matter how much they try
All your stolen money is used for this type black projects and others related evolving and revoling around time travel.. this is everything they care about... was not like that before but it became obsessed with time travel