Temporisoscope By Nikola Tesla

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Scientific apparatus manufactured in 1910 and subsequently restored (first in the 1930s and again in 1995-1996).
Consists of a communication keyboard, copper/brass capsules, a case, miscellaneous generators, batteries and Wimshurst machines. Miscellaneous documents, plans and a box sealed in 1910 accompany the lot.

Inv. SMI/tt-13940

Time Trap
Acquired in January 1995 from a descendent of Professor de Walque
Origin: USA/Belgium 1910

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Time Travel Professor

Time Trap – Nikola Tesla



Trap Acquisition in January 1995, transmitted

by the descendant of the Professor of Walque Origin: USA-Belgium 1910

Scientific apparatus manufactured in 1910 and restored a first time during the '30s and a second time in 1995-6.
Features a communication keyboard, copper/brass capsules, a reception suitcase, various Wimshurst generators, batteries and machines. Various documents, plans and a box sealed in 1910 accompany the lot.
Dossier: Testimonies and simultaneous experiments of 14 August 1910/1997
The symptoms appeared a few months ago.
At first, it was only transient dizziness similar to those that one feels during a drop in tension, then the images came. And this feeling of déjà vu, like the impression of living two simultaneous presents and again, I do not tell you about the premonitions...
Have you ever foreseen at each moment what the next moment will be; to have a continuous impression of déjà vu, to anticipate the end of a film? It would be great if it allowed to predict the lotto figures, but it doesn't go that far. Too bad!
The effect only occurs in relation to the minutes that will follow, and is not totally reliable; no need to play in the stock market.
Oh, of course you can impress your friends by guessing what they're going to draw as cards in a game; but quickly, no one will want to play with you anymore. And casino managers will invite you to leave the premises when your winnings become there for a time or not very regular. At most, you can create a show of nerdy tricks that will amuse your children.
Or open a clairvoyance cabinet, there are so many gullible victims who are just waiting to swallow any nonsense.
The Mage Azmael guesses your most secret thoughts, only by appointment. »

Sad end for a collector of the strange...
This "gift" is rather a wound that disturbs sleep and is sometimes accompanied by violent migraines and nightmares. And no doctor has the gift of treating or curing this evil, because the cause is not strictly speaking a medical "phenomenon". It's infinitely more complex...
But let me tell you the story from the beginning.
It was in January 1995, on my birthday, the little party was in full swing when an unexpected visitor rang at the front door.
The one who presented himself was a man still young, affable, well dressed and wearing the bow tie; with his glasses of a classic model, he reminded me of a bank manager.
Mr. Curator of the Surnatéum? He asked. His name was Patrick de Walque and he had to give me a rotten crate that was quite heavy and heavily damaged and its contents. This fund, which has been owned by his family for years, had to be handed over to me today, at my current address. These formal instructions had been given by one of his ancestors, Professor François de Walque.
He knew no more and was only obeying instructions provided by one of his ancestors some 85 years earlier.
Intrigued and thinking of a particularly imaginative hoax, we opened it.
The trunk contained a set of tubes, a bizarre typewriter, generators, cables, a series of deteriorated scientific instruments, rotten newspaper clippings and a heavily damaged mounting plan. The whole thing weighed a few hundred kilos, including dust, and looked like no known machine.
At first glance, nothing transcendental or of any value!
My initial reflex was to throw this debris in the trash; I collect strange objects for the Surnatéum but there is a limit to what I keep, and I had no place to store this "thing". What is more, it did not correspond in any way to the antiquities of the Museum.
And then, I didn't understand what level the gag was at. But curiosity was the strongest; and M. de Walque seemed truly sincere.
The "apparatus", which dated from the beginning of the century, was in very poor condition, and some restorations had been made there, probably in the 30s.
The whole thing seemed to be operating completely autonomously and, if we made major repairs to it, perhaps we could put it back into operation.
The plans and instructions had suffered the most, it would take a long time to decipher them; and trace the history of this craft.
A semi-collapsed inscription on one of the pieces said: "Te.... s... e « .
It was Benoit, our technician, who later called him "Temporisoscope", but it could have been "Teslascope".
And then, this curious feeling of déjà vu appeared, this disorder that I told you about earlier. This device was not unknown to me. Where did this impression come from?
Il nous a fallu deux ans de travail pour tout remettre en état de fonctionner, remplacer les pièces abimées et comprendre ce qui s’était passé. Bien que depuis lors je ne suis plus sûr de rien, particulièrement de la chronologie des évènements.
It all started during the hot summer of 1910, at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels.

The first team: early July 1910 – BRUSSELS
On that day, the Duke of Ursel, Commissioner General of the Universal Exhibition of Brussels, received in his private office one of the most recognized scientists of his time: Nikola Tesla.
Aged 54, Nikola Tesla is no stranger; he is even one of the greatest geniuses that history has known. Of Serbian origin, born in 1856, he worked for Thomas Edison before emigrating to the U.S.A. Inventor of alternating current, radio, remote-controlled robots that he operated at Madison Square Garden, energy transmission by air, the Tesla turbine and thousands of other patents. Tesla lit up the Colombian exhibition in 1893 in Chicago. He also transformed Niagara Falls into a gigantic alternating current generator. Winning a fabulous contract from Edison himself. One of his best friends, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), published a short story in 1889, the first, on the theme of time travel: " A yankee at the court of king Arthur. (It is interesting to note that in this novel, it is lightning, and therefore electricity, that projects the traveler to the court of King Arthur.)
And, after attending one of his conferences in England, a young man named Herbert George Wells rushed home to write a novel that would become famous: "The Time Machine". Nikola Tesla, the electricity man, would therefore have everything to be happy if it is only one thing bothers him. In 1909, the Nobel Prize was awarded to the Italian-born scientist Marconi, for having invented telegraph radio.
And Nikola Tesla knows that Marconi stole his invention (a fact that will be recognized in 1943 by the American justice). This is one of the reasons why Tesla is filing fewer and fewer patents officially.
Also, it is with a certain resentment and a desire for revenge that the Serb comes to present at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels a unique invention: The machine to communicate in time. 1910 is also the year of the death of his friend Mark Twain, it would be a great opportunity to pay him a fabulous tribute.
The Duke of Ursel, who knows that Marconi was invited to give a presentation on wireless telegraphy during the month of September, cannot decently refuse Nikola Tesla to present an invention of this caliber. Even if the situation can become conflictual. (And then, Tesla is the friend of King Albert I who has just succeeded Leopold II. When he was only a prince, Albert was fascinated by a demonstration made to him by Tesla in his American laboratory, and invited him many times to Belgium.)
Especially since he quickly understands the phenomenal possibilities of the machine and the fortune that can make the holder of the machine ... Also, it offers Tesla to test the machine in the presence of a limited number of witnesses.
He therefore proposed the date of Sunday, August 14, 1910 at around 8:00 p.m.; in the office of the general curator of the exhibition. This office is right next to the electricity section in the Belgian section.
This experiment will take place in the presence of a high-level Belgian scientist, Professor François de Walque. Civil engineer of mines, engineers of arts and manufactures, professor at the University of Liège then of Louvain, collaborator at the scientific society of Brussels, honorary collaborator of the Surnatéum, shareholder of the universal exhibition. Of a high intelligence and a probity to any test, this scientist will be the ideal and impartial judge of the experience. And if it turns out to be positive, Nikola Tesla will be offered a place as a speaker at the International Congress in mid-September. The Duke of Ursel could not be present that day, and delegated his cousin, the Count of Ursel, as a witness. A journalist and a secretary will complete the group.

Timexperience 1

Office of the Duke of Ursel at the Exposition, around July 15, 1910
When Nikola Tesla presented his project to the Duke of Ursel and the professor of Walque, he expected to encounter a certain misunderstanding. He had therefore planned a very brief but impressive demonstration. He borrowed a box of matches from the witnesses and removed some of them. He then asked the teacher to break or burn 3 or 4. The small prototype, which he deposited on the Duke's desk, could send a small object 10 minutes into his own past and give it back the shape that was his at that time. Walque's teacher carefully examined the small machine, then introduced the burnt matches into the time capsule and closed it tightly. Tesla turned the device on. Apart from a slight tingling, the witness who witnessed the experience felt nothing.
But when he opened the tube, the matches were intact again.
The temporisoscope. Office of the Duke of Ursel at the exhibition; August 14, 1910
Tesla who speaks several languages fluently, including French, called his device the temporisoscope, at least that is what we think, probably to please his French friend from Arsonval, who must not be totally foreign to the invention.
The discoveries of Planck in 1900 and Einstein in 1905–1906 allowed Nikola Tesla to imagine the theory that followed. If we make a wave that moves faster than light (which we currently call a tachyon) carry information, this information will travel back in time. Provided you have the appropriate receiver you can therefore receive a message from the future or the past. No movement or temporal communication can be done before the first date of operation of the machine. alas!
This theory was re-stated as the " tachyonic antitelephone " by Professor Benford and two colleagues at the University of Irvine. The machine combines different magnetic fields to open a gap in time. (In fact, a black hole of reduced size. The creation of negative energy from the vacuum will prevent the black hole from collapsing on itself.) The time capsules are brass cylinders, which seems to confirm the contemporary theory of Michio Kaku (Hyperspace: Michio Kaku; Anchor books) which says that the ideal shape of a time machine would be a cylinder.
This theory unifying quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity is currently being studied by Stephen Hawkings. (Nikola Tesla will also assert that Albert Einstein is partly wrong in his theories, and that the speed of light is not an insurmountable limit.) In February 1994, two researchers at Yale University realized the creation of negative energy without positive compensation (positrons), by drawing it from the vacuum. This makes time travel materially possible. (This energy helps prevent the collapse of the black hole, and keeps the gateway open from one era to the next. Casimir's Principle, enunciated in 1940.) Our temporisoscope uses a similar principle... but it was designed in 1910.
In 1906, Professor Korn also sent the first photo by radio. Was the temporisoscope going to be the next step?
The protocol established by Professor de Walque proposed to send five years away (in 1915) a code that he would have chosen as well as two or three little things unknown in 1910.
After it was put into operation in 1910, what was saved from the machine was carefully enclosed in a sealed box and entrusted to Walque's teacher. With instructions not to touch it until August 14, 1915. Unfortunately, they could not have foreseen at the time that the First World War would prevent the experiment from taking place. And that part of the machine would be destroyed during the experiment, to be partially rebuilt in the early 30s.
To solve space-time problems, the temporisoscope communicates with itself; it is both transmitter and receiver.
When they started the aircraft, they were surprised to receive a message from 1997, with my contact details. Unfortunately, the state in which they received the message was not sufficient to confirm, in an absolute way, the operation of the temporisoscope. Also, walque's teacher made the decision to send it to me by his future descendant causing the troubles from which I suffer in the present. Linked to a change in the past, of which I am the first victim. (It would seem that Tesla suffered from similar disorders.)
The second team: August 14, 1997.
Experience report.
If we are gathered here tonight in the laboratory of the Surnatéum, it is because we will try to contact the team of 1910. We hesitated a lot before undertaking this experiment because it is not without danger. In addition to the classic paradoxes related to time travel, and science fiction is full of them, it seemed to us that we risk changing the texture of our past, or jumping into another dimension of history. But basically, if we could warn humanity of the danger posed by patients like Hitler or Stalin, we could perhaps improve things in the last century.
We are certainly a little naïve, or it is more likely that we are only looking for a pretext to play the sorcerer's apprentice; I am leaning towards the second option.
After all, if I received this machine, it is because in one way or another I put it back on; so let's go!
In this diary of the Universal Exhibition of 1910, dated August 20, we have as our central page a plan of the Exhibition, which will allow us to locate the place where the experience took place. Nothing is said about the success or failure of our experiment.
We will have to follow this protocol established by the 1910 team.
Communicating with people who have long since disappeared is a strange experience... But for them we are not yet born; and after all they expect to communicate with themselves. We know they will be surprised.
The devices are properly connected to one another, and everything is in perfect working order. Except the reception suitcase which shows some signs of hesitation. It is she who must host the "skylight", exit from the micro black hole that we are going to create.
Are present: In addition to myself, there is Benoit Drager, our technician who restored the device, Antoine Salembier, the mathematician of the team, my assistant Nicolas Stevens. and an independent external observer.
A dozen guests, including a historian specializing in the history of universal exhibitions, attend, at a certain distance, the experience.
The experience is of course classified as "Top Secret".

Timexperience 2
Another curious experiment took place.
The Temporisoscope has 2 time capsules. The one placed to the left of the machine allows to receive the shipments of the future, the one on the right to send something to the past.
It also depends on the type of capsules used, there are several different models.
By activating the machine at 3pm sharp, a slight vibration of the capsule on the left (empty when tensioning) signalled the arrival of an object. It was a small ball of colored glass. Five minutes later, and without interrupting the operation of the craft, we reintroduced the ball into the capsule on the right and it disappeared.
Nothing is lost, nothing is created?
Experience report (continued): 15 August 1997
Now that this has been done, and we have survived, I will try to summarize our attempt.
We started by plugging the various devices contained in the trunk after testing them.
The protocol required that we first transmit my contact details, the manner, date and place of acquisition and finally the date and place of its operation as well as two historical events taking place in 1912 (two years after the experiment).
We have reported the sinking of the Titanic that will take place on Apr. 14, 1912 and the fact that on Oct. 14, 1912 Schranke will shoot President Roosevelt.
We also suggested that they remove a certain Adolf Hitler. They don't know who he is yet, but we can always try.
As we issued the document, it changed as it passed through the device. And we could instantly read the response of the 1910 team.
It was there that I learned that in a past that we will call 'Time ONE', I acquired the machine in very poor condition, and I restored it; but the first test of transmission was so bad that they decided to send me the machine by the descendants of the professor de Walque. This modification of my own past, made us enter into a "Time TWO". Causing this impression of duplication, and those curious visions and premonitions that appeared at the reception of the device.
Curiously, M. de Walque felt nothing. This is probably due to the fact that he has lived near the device since his birth.
The protocol then required confirmation from them that it was not a hoax.
So they sent us a single object from 1910 that it would have been impossible to duplicate today.
Appeared then in a flash (a kind of skylight), the subscription to the universal exhibition of the Count of Ursel, witness 1910 of the experience. (We had it appraised, it is authentic.)
At the same time, we also sent two objects: the bailiff borrowed a new 200Fb banknote whose number we noted and a plastic earring (metal travels badly in time).
These two physical proofs disintegrated and suddenly the machine exploded.
When the smoke dissipated the contents of a newspaper on the Exhibition dating from August 20, 1910 had changed. We used it to show the plan of the Exhibition.
He now explained that the Universal Exhibition had been destroyed on the evening of August 14, 1910, by a mysterious fire that had ravaged the office of the commissioner general, the electricity section, the Belgian section, the English section, and the entire kermesse. The Boskop menagerie had seen all these animals perish, but fortunately no human loss was to be deplored. Once again, our past had changed. So is history.
What had we done?
There was one small thing left that we could only accomplish at the end of the experiment. It was in the trunk and among the objects received, a sealed iron box that was not to be opened under any circumstances before the end of the experiment on pain of running serious dangers! When the bailiff unsealed it, he found that this box contained the borrowed note and the plastic pearl, aged nearly 90 years.
At that time the part of the machine which had not been damaged by the explosion began to function again. And a curious message from another time and place appeared:

Oh, yes! I no longer suffer from bilocation disorders.
Timexperience 3
The Timexperience 2 left us perplexed. So we reactivated the machine the next day. This time, I had in my pocket two different colored balls, one white and one black.
During activation, we saw the white ball appear. Five minutes later, we isolated the white ball and introduced the black ball for its journey to the past.
Something happened, such as a resurgence of unrest.
The black ball has disappeared. When we wanted to remove the white ball from its insulation, the black one occupied its place.
Final Notes
We checked several points:
The Titanic sank well; but Pierpont-Morgan, its owner, refused to board at the last moment. This is incomprehensible on an inaugural trip. He was a friend of Nikola Tesla and his employer... Nevertheless, he did not enjoy it for long, for he died the following year; the mower had caught up with her prey.
Schranke shot Roosevelt well, but missed it. Had the president's protection services been notified?
Tesla did a lot of business with Belgium, he was paid 10,000 dollars for the operating rights of his Tesla turbine.
Hitler survived many attacks, but there is no evidence that anything in his history has changed.
A historian who witnessed the experiment at a distance of more than 10 meters, confirmed to us that the Universal Exhibition had indeed been destroyed by fire on August 14, 1910, and that it had always been so. Only those in a circle less than 10 meters radius from the center of the device keep two memories. The one before and the one after the experience
As history has changed, we are unable to demonstrate that it was different before.
But the device still works partially.

Timexperience 4
We have, of course, tried to obtain the lotto figures, or the stock exchange listings, by sending them to us from the future to the past.
It does not work, the numbers are constantly changing. Our service mathematician thinks this is due to a variation of the Butterfly effect in chaos theory.
Any change in reality, however small, changes it completely.
Migraines are still as strong during these experiences, but

Timexperience 5
Wednesday, March 10, 1999:

Today we received a small, nondescript object in the machine.
But we didn't send anything afterwards; some of the items we sent never arrived.
Is there another time machine somewhere? Perhaps the original model or a machine later manufactured by Tesla.
On the day of his death, in January 1943, the F.B.I. (or supposedly such) broke into his apartment and stole a number of documents and objects from it.
We will have to take more precautions...
disappear immediately at the end of these.



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After a quick search on the internet, the Teslascope was a device used by Tesla to convert cosmic waves into audio waves and contact off World Aliens..
There was nothing to even suggest the Teslascope was a device that successfully predicted the outcome of events :fp:..


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The Casimir effect , as predicted by Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir in 1948 , is an attractive force between two parallel conductive and uncharged plates.. this effect , due to quantum fluctuations in vacuum , also exists for other electrode geometries…. ( negative energy )

The Temporisoscope, uses a principle similar to that of Casimir. At the top right ( photo ) is the Wimshurts device, which is connected to the suitcase ( receiver ) which will carry negative energy. This energy is transferred in the two time capsules ( located in the typewriter .) then the Spamer device at the top left is also directly connected to the two time capsules with A.Gaiffe device located at the bottom right.. the whole thing opens up a breach in time.