Tesla Limb Regeneration


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In hospitals a device is used for intractable fractures that don't heal.
it's a coil of wire around the broken limb connected to a DC power supply
was shown to turn red blood cells into osteoclasts(bone cells) that deposit in the fracture site healing it.

This is energy healing using an unknown energy within capacitance and inductance(electric and magnetic fields of the coil)
makes cells function like stemcells(blood cells turning into bone cells)
was properly studied by 100's of doctors funded by the french gov in the 60's with the Priore device.
called cellular dedifferentiation.

my idea is you can can connect a tesla radiant concentric pancake transformer power supply to the coil of wire wrapped around an amputated limb.
the limb will regenerate.
new cartiledge, nerves, muscle, connective tissue, bone and skin.

the same transformer power supply is needed to make all of Tesla's patents work as described.
like what Eric Dollard did in his reproduction of all of Tesla's patents.
Tesla used it with his Wardenclyffe tower.
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Why don't you search the net and other info in books to write a few paragraphs about
that subject?

Tesla invents and does (in the present tense since time is an illusion) a lot yet most of his documents, drawings and sketches were taken away after his transition.

Most probably I will post something new about him.
Well I have heard of the priore device, and it would be miraculous if anyone can prove this tech works and can help with limb regeneration