"The Big, Bad Wolf - Just a Puppy.

Logical Mind

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Jul 18, 2020
Who is afraid of the big, bad wolf?

I do not wear a mask, I have been everywhere with no problem except a health food store that kicked me out for not wearing the unhealthy thing. The so-called virus is a ridiculous hoax that will past into history as one of the most foolish trick ever played on humanity, who swallow hook, line and sinker without question like children; but not everyone though.

I met a non-wearing mask lady at a decent, crowded supermarket and she told me the police found a dead man in the streets reporting him on the spot as "Dead by Covid-19 virus", says Icke they are doing the same all over the world where people pass away of the flue, pneumonia or other causes yet reported as victims of the non existence virus.

David Icke in his book The Answer has several pictures of European deserted hospitals with no employees and nobody sick yet the news tell a different story.

The hoax remind me of 9/11 where the evidence was right there in front of everyone to see: for instance the towers administration building nearby the government admitted was collapsed on purpose by them.

Sticking your head in the sand does not solve anything, say yes to liberty, unity and community

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