The Coming Of Raptor Jesus & Dissecting The Paranormal Hysteria Of Comet Elenin

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Jun 15, 2004
Just something to soothe the sores generated by all the Elenin craziness :p


Of course Raptor Jesus isn't coming back. The dinosaur Jesus that is a parody of the return of Christ is another internet comedic fad that is meant for laughs. But even in light of a Dinosaur messiah coming back to save mankind and to bring back to life all the dinosaurs, this theory looks sane compared to the Comet Elenin theories and hysteria currently going around.

And if you seek to not believe these so called theories that most automatically accept as true you're called a disinformation agent. Labeled a government spook so to speak by those who soak up every word of drivel spilled out by their UFO paranormal idols and false gods that they spend worshiping and dedicating most of their time to everyday.

Well I am hear to represent a voice of reason and dare I even say logic in response to all the Comet Elenin madness and hoopla. Which would include that Elenin is a time capsule sent from another civilization to usher in another age of consciousness predicted by the Mayans as the Ninth wave of Universal Consciousness. Of course this object is being escorted by alien ships who are in stealth mode according to Project Camelot's blog which states, “ According to my Chinese source Elenin does not have a 300,000 force field. He stresses that Elenin is of no concern but that the craft accompanying it are... and that those craft have now gone 'stealth'."

Of course this I also backed up by the likes of Richard Hoagland who defriended me yesterday for inviting him to the event on Facebook for his own Lobotomization. Which of course was a joke and apparently old Hoagie can't take a joke. But it's good to know what Nostradamus scholar John Hogue thinks of this situation which points to Hoagland as well as the provocateur of all this hysteria and madness backed up by the likes of Coast To Coast AM radio and other radio stations who of course are feeding into this frenzy for the sake of ratings John Hogue states,”I do not subscribe to the idiotic rants of end-of-the-world theorists coming out of the mouths of Australian Larakins of the loon or “former NASA employees” who sound less like scientists and more like janitors employed by NASA who sniffed a little to much floor detergent before becoming the next Chicken Little.” Which pretty much sums up the entire plethora of psychosis that is happening right now regarding Comet Elenin.

At least we know with Raptor Jesus that Jesus and Dinosaurs really existed at some point in time. Which makes this more plausible than interstellar space beacons and wars for our very souls.

Which leads to the rest of the tale regarding the other events that are suppose to correspond with Comet Elenin which now seem to be fading away since the Comet does indeed appear to be dying.

But of course the believers like mad shaken fanatics of Allah are holding on to the deception that this is just a cover up by outside government agencies who do not want humanity to know the truth of this cosmic parade and circus. The rest of the story goes that there are good aliens and bad aliens and the good aliens sent Comet Elenin as a time capsule to wake us up and give us new consciousness.

Then of course there is suppose to be another object or asteroid that passes with Comet Elenin on the day of November 11, 2011. This other object is from the evil aliens and will possibly hit the Earth causing a 911 type event. Because these same evil aliens orchestrated 911 through the terrorists and some buildings were indeed hit with UFO missles from the heavens far above the Earth. Recent developments have been that the Elenin Object was almost hit by another object and put up a force field to protect itself from the bad guys.

What you have here is a wonderful fairy tale of epic proportions equivalent to the Star Wars films or any other Sci-Fi melodrama. When in truth Comet Elenin is just a weak comet that is dying out and as it grows closer to the sun will probably hopefully fade away into nothingness completely. But even then I doubt the madness will fade with all of the believers who think this is more than it is.

Believers who would believe anything just because someone is famous and on the radio and tells them it is so. Kinda like Santa Clause but here I am having to play Daddy to tell them all that Santa Clause is not real or the Tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny and that indeed aliens probably are not coming to save us accompanied by Comet Elenin. That the only people that are going to save us are ourselves in the long run. That we have to look within and not without and seek the source of all creation who created us who may very well be of alien origin who probably is looking down on us thinking we're all bat crap crazy for thinking a Comet made of ice and debris is an interstellar time capsule sent to open up to remind us of who we are.

The morale of the story is this to my perspective. Just like when Harold Camping said the world was going to end in May and people took their lives because of mass hysteria this is no different to me. Yet hopefully no one has taken their life yet and hopefully they do not but we do recall Heaven's gate with Hale Bopp and how serious cosmic events like this can lead to tragedy.

These people feeding this mass hysteria through their radio shows and blogs and youtube videos need to be held accountable and we need to band together. Us who know and see through the hysteria need to scream from the wilderness that what they are doing is wrong and that it could indeed lead to hurting others. That these personalities who are hell bent on feeding the frenzy of the Night of the Comet and doomsday need to be more careful. That they need to be truthful and honest and not make up stuff just to get more famous or to get more ratings or money for their radio shows.

We have discussed this many times on The Church Of Mabus radio show at our official website of grooviness where me or Guy Weddle do not get paid or make any money. We do the show because we are experiencers of paranormal activity and we do it because we love and for the passion of it. Which should be why everyone does these venues not for the hype and madness and attention of it.

So as you sit back and wait for Raptor Jesus who is never coming and an interstellar message in a bottle. Realize the answer lies within ourselves and that we are the change that we are looking for via this world not some Candyland adventure in space that we can only sit back and fantasize about as it never happens and Comet Elenin finally fades away and dies completely.


Jan 25, 2006
yeh it is pretty much like screaming fire in a crowed theator and the end events are close to the same people die because of the words of another which start a chain reaction. if people would just reflect for a moment alot would still be alive to complain about the weather.