The Coming War - How to stop it and how we can prepare if it arrives.


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To be honest I think a war is coming and if the US doesn’t stop getting in it’s own way there won’t be a US much longer. Recent events in the US and reactions from other nations are too similar to how other great nations fell. As unfortunate as it is, history does appear to be repeating itself.

Strategically speaking, the US is in an extremely vulnerable state due to the political divide, and the country has made more enemies than allies recently, and its enemies may not get a better chance to attack.

This is especially true if a civil war begins in the US. If war breaks out within the US, it’s enemies will certainly take advantage of the situation.

To conclude, I don’t see 2021 ending without the sparks of war being ignited unless things change immediately and the people and especially the politicians of the US accept Biden/Harris as the POTUS and VP. We can argue back and forth about who has done worse things between Trump and Biden but they’ve both screwed up enough that the debate likely will not ever end.

One thing is certain. United we stand, Divided we fall.

You can obviously believe what you want about the election but if it’s so easy to rig, how can you be certain Republicans haven’t done so?

Besides, you say you don’t blindly believe what mainstream media tells you, but you do blindly believe what Trump and/or the right tells you...

Regardless, you would see the United States destroyed from inside and out by refusing to cooperate with the new Administration, leaving us vulnerable and open to attack.

YOU are helping the communists by staying divided, and it is people like you that will lead this country to ruin by keeping us weak and divided instead of accepting the loss of Trump and uniting against the real enemy! Your mind has been poisoned by lies from the right in the same way you think others have been poisoned by the left. Trump is a criminal you just refuse to believe it.

For just one moment, ask yourself this; What if you are wrong? If you cannot answer that question you will never be a free thinker, you will have turned your mind into a slave of those who would see us divided and conquered.

The proof is also in the pudding about what Trump has done, you just don’t like that flavor of pudding... The proof is out there you just refuse to believe it.

Also, please note that I ever said anything of the sort about Biden. I like neither Biden or Trump. Trump is a corrupt businessman and Biden is a politician and corrupt by nature. But he was still voted for in the majority and I’m confident the electoral votes will not change enough to flip the election in Trumps favor. We have to work together or we will be vulnerable. That is a very simple truth.

Anyway, you can choose not to believe me, but when you realize you have aided the communists by being a dividing force instead of a unifying force, I only pray that it is not too late.

These are previous posts about this issue I made in the 2021 Predictions thread. It is clear due to today’s events that the war may not be able to be stopped but it must be if America is to remain strong.

Here, I would like to discuss with others what can be done to save our country from what is a blatant attack on democracy by Trump and his supporters.

Is Trump a communist ally bent on undermining our way of life by destroying the US from the inside, like countless other countries have been destabilized and conquered? Or is he just a fool who doesn’t understand his actions or their consequences?

And if this war proves unavoidable, what can we do to stay safe?


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Recent developments, discussions, and accusations between politicians has only further convinced me that Donald Trump had every intention to incite the riot at the Capitol.

In case it wasn’t clear enough, Trump called the riot a “love fest”. And let’s not forget how his rioting supporters were actually let into the Capitol, and how he urged them to target Pence while using language that skirted around taking responsibility for his supporters actions. Then he went on afterwards to say he “hated” to see what happened at the Capitol. To me, that says he was talking about the election result, and it was very not subtle.

Furthermore, Trump attempting to call in 10,000 national guard before the rally and riot, is suspicious to start with. At the time, there were fears among many Democrats that he could attempt to use the National Guard to resist the transition of power. Trump has/had the support of many within the military and police. Using those military and police supporters to forcefully retain office was something that was a very real possibility, especially because he repeatedly refused to concede or participate in a peaceful transition of power.

I believe Trump was well aware of this, and actually accounted for it in his plan to incite the riot. For those who still think he didn’t incite the riot, please, just for a moment, think about the language used by him and others that spoke at the rally. They fanned the flames of the lie that Trump won the election but voter fraud stole it from him, and urged them to fight with multiple different wordings throughout the rally.

"We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore," Trump said.

He only said to be peaceful in their protesting while they marched on the Capitol so that he could argue that he never meant to incite the riot. Donald Trump knows what to say to skirt the edges of the law. He is a businessman, and has been doing it for many, many years. He knew what effect his words would have. And he knew what words his supporters would act on.

He goes on to say many things, such as that Democrats have gotten away with voter fraud for years. If that is so, why, exactly, have we even had Republican Presidents? Why would Republicans control the House and Senate as often as they do? If they could cause voter fraud on such a scale so easily, do you really think they would just hand over an election to their opponents? No, they would ensure they never lost an election and, as some people here have said, they would ‘destroy our constitution’. Which, by the way, nobody can do. This is all propaganda used to blatantly lie to Americans in an attempt to get their votes. On top of all this, if Donald Trump had as much support as he claims, why didn’t any of his claims of fraud result in widespread recounts? Why did the investigations come up as dry as they did? I’m not saying voter fraud is impossible or that it didn’t happen in the small scale. After all, Trump himself publicly urged his supporters to commit voter fraud. And some even admitted to doing so. However, his claims of widespread voter fraud did not have any solid evidence to back them up. He says the record number of voters doesn’t make sense, and had to be fraud. He says the pandemic was used to cheat. However, that is not so. In fact, Trump tried to use the pandemic himself, in attempts to suppress voters. Covid made this election more important than any in recent history by far, of course it drew in record numbers of voters! Trump refuses to acknowledge that, however. Not to mention, the pandemic, which is very real, made it difficult for people to actually get out and vote. Trump continuously spoke against the efforts to make voting more accessible to the American people. Refusing to accommodate voters in such a way is clear voter suppression. With all of his claims of fraud, where during his rally speech he claimed ‘every state’ had been subject to voter fraud, despite all his claims of evidence, how is it that not a single one was proven in a court of law? Either Democrats control everything, like some claim, despite the Republican Party being in control of the House and Senate, and despite Trump’s so called ‘silent majority’, or there simply was no actual evidence of widespread voter fraud. “Trump and his allies have won one lawsuit related to the results of the 2020 election, and that case did not prove that widespread voter fraud affected the outcome.”

“And they try and demean everybody having to do with us.” Trump said.

Excuse me? Trump, saying other people are demeaning to him and his supporters? Trump is the most demeaning person who was part of our government in recent years. He insults his opponents like a child, using petty insults at every opportunity. Not only is it ridiculous, but it’s extremely hypocritical.

“Did you see the other day where Joe Biden said, I want to get rid of the America First policy? What's that all about? Get rid of. How do you say I want to get rid of America First?”

Easy. America is not the only place in the world. We should always be striving to improve the whole world, because before we are Americans, we are all humans. We should always be lending a helping hand to those in need. The notion of “America first” and “my needs first” are not entirely bad, but they aren’t entirely good either. Let’s face a very real truth. The majority of Americans are completely and utterly selfish. Anyone who has been to a foreign country can tell you the same thing. That selfishness a problem. I said this a few days ago: “I just have to trust that someday, enough people will gather around to carry the weight of the world together, instead of smashing it all to bits and saving what they can fit in their pocket.” America First, is merely saving what can fit in someone’s pocket. The world needs to work together if anything is going to actually change. Americans need to stop doing what is easy, and do what is right, collectively.

I have already spoken on Trump’s condemnation of new organizations, which is a tactic that a certain Nazi leader used to gain power. Not only does he use communist tactics, he has stated he admires communist leaders, is friends with communist leaders, and he pays more taxes to communist leaders. That should be troubling to any American.

“And after this, we're going to walk down, and I'll be there with you, we're going to walk down, we're going to walk down.”

Donald Trump lied to his supporters faces, blatantly. Of course, he has done so from the very beginning, but here he amped them up and said he’d join the protest. But he never did. Why? Because he knew exactly what he was inciting and knew if he was seen at the riot, he couldn’t escape justice.

“We are the greatest country on Earth and we are headed and were headed in the right direction.”

It goes without saying that this statement hasn’t been true for a long time, if ever. Statistically, we are far behind other major countries in nearly every category.

All this, even without addressing what the other speakers at the rally said. I don’t think I need to even go there, as his own words and actions show more than enough to those who can read between the lines, and even to those who can’t.

And now, we get to his ridiculous crusade against social media, particularly Twitter. If he didn’t want his posts flagged or his account suspended, he shouldn’t have posted things that violated their terms of service. That is to say, he shouldn’t have posted incendiary comments, blatant lies, support of white supremacy, or the rest of his countless posts filled with both open and veiled hate speech.

People may argue that this is a violation of free speech, but I find myself thinking about people like NP, who as he has shown, really shouldn’t be allowed to say the things they have, things that do no good and exist only to harm. Obviously, freedom is important and something we should always stand up for. However, there are those who abuse those freedoms to do absolutely awful things that should be illegal, but aren’t.

The Founding Fathers knew the system they created was not perfect. They knew there was room to improve, room to grow into a ‘more perfect union’. Our right to free speech is one such thing that can be improved, however any time it is even suggested, people go into a frenzy thinking their freedoms are being taken away. To a degree, those rights could be taken away. However, the only ones losing those rights would be those who abuse them. If you are not a hateful person who abuses their rights to free speech in order to attack others, such a change would have absolutely no effect on you. It would only improve the quality of debates and discussions, and would not in any way prevent people from voicing their opinions in a dignified manner.

Imagine for just a moment, a world where everyone engages in dignified discussion, instead of insulting their opposition at every opportunity. No hate, even when people disagree. No wishing death upon people who have a different opinion. A world where people can freely discuss their opinions without people trying to tear them to pieces. It is time people realized they do not have to insult, demean, lie, or manipulate the truth in order to ‘win’ arguments. Humanity has so much potential for good, but it leaves so much room for people to do wrong upon each other, and there will always be people who exploit that if we allow it. Humanity will never grow and improve while we allow poison to spread, and destroy us from within. What else could you call the words of people like NP but poison?

Obviously, such a change in free speech would be required to include that speaking out against the government or protesting are not being criminalized, and no loophole to do so could be allowed. In fact, I dare say it should be illegal to exploit loopholes to circumvent established laws that may have them.

Now, I’m sure I’m going to be called a leftist “insert insulting term here” or even a communist for my opinion, but it’s not about left or right, and it never should have been. So, for those reading, let’s skip the insults and actually discuss our different viewpoints, providing evidence when necessary, and see what we can do about reaching common ground. After all, as has been shown by nearly every person I have interacted with, we all want to make things better, even if we disagree about the methods. We cannot allow history to continue to repeat itself. We must acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and successes throughout history.

Most of us are good people with good intentions, and the issue of politics can no longer be ignored. Even if we disagree, we must come together, we must work together, and only then do we have a chance at being a positive influence on the world and our futures.
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