The Confirmed Hoax Fallacy - Temporal Recon

I'm no Titor expert, but I sorta follow the story with some interest. Given some of your explanations, I think there's something that you've almost found but half missed: What if the dates on Titor's specific future predictions weren't wrong but encoded?

I see 2 obvious possibilities:
1) There is a specific year offset used. This is the simpler version and maybe close to being correct, but not entirely, but maybe close enough.
2) From the date of his post to the predicted date there is some kind of multiplier to get the real date.
3) Less obvious is some sort of equation used by time travelers and only known by time travelers so Titor was updating the time travelers already here to what their "updates" did to the future he just came from.

Of course, there will likely be some "wiggle room" on the exact date given divergence mutability factors. Certain events will always precede the main event, so this has to be accounted for, too.

Simple example: Titor predicted civil war in 2005, which never happened... but Titor claims that some things are inescapable. What if the year offset for #1 was +20? Civil war really happens in 2025. So, hmm... what's happening at the end of 2024 that could possibly cause a civil war next year??? What whacky antics are the LWO going to pull off (again)? I wonder...

Another theory comes to mind that the "opponents" are also watching Titor's information and doing their best to try and stop their own failures from happening. If these failures are inevitable, they're only pushing the time tables back. In reference to #1 again, civil war could be +20 years behind Titor's schedule, at least given current events.