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The Device

EDIT: Link no longer available.

Anyone remember this?

Read up on radionics before you laugh to hard... :D

Well it was found that after using the machine for so many uses and things, and it sounds crazy, but it seems that we exist in our own reality, space time universe. So what this machine does is creates a rift in space/time to the universe that you want. This universe is based on the frequency that is activated / tuned. This than puts you in that universe. It is also permanent, and I mean very permanent. Once you set the frequency say for example to stop aging, you stop aging, although the effects are really weird for that.
In the end, you find that real power such as being president of the united states of America is not real power at all. Why is that real power when you can set up this machine to take you / create the situation / event you want at will? Real power is growing from within learning about who you really are. When you change who you are inside the whole world changes.
I'm making it... now that I've finally found the pics. (definately a requirement)
I'll keep you updated...
The Device

Captain Nemo,

Have you read his "Cleansing Formula" guide, like all 35 steps? I have to say that it's just like attending a Alestair Crowley gig sans Crowley. One would expect to find the Necromnicon after those.....

For some reason, I kept looking for the Thurible and Chalice positioning chart.
Something like HDR meets Wicca and the Wu Tang Gang, a la electrical Ouiji Box.

It's a tad far out there. I have to seriously question the re-wrap of all those copper wire pods between uses.

Good luck, win a few lotteries for us ok?

The Device

StarLord, in my experience I don't think that's as far out as it sounds, for many reasons. You should read 'mind machines you can build' by G Harry Stine.

But noone here seems interested in this device so I will neglect to post on this topic again until I have some results.

I have had success with radionics machines and the power of intent / focus / visualization, this is nothing new.
I have had success after success with using pyramid energy to have a positive effect on different bio systems.

The Device

yo im very intrested in bionics so would love to hear how you get on.
How do you tap the pyramid energy does the pyramid need to be conductive ??
The Device

Hi hellrazor

No need to be conductive, most of the pyramids can be made out of cardboard and they work fine. If you make one with a big enough base to be effective (say at least 40cm) and wear it on your head aligned with the magnetic north, it will even detoxify your brain and msot people get a slight but undeniable headache.

Right now I'm collecting all the parts I need. Got myself a caduceus coil, etc
The Device

Only thing i can think of is the quarts/krystals being used to splitt lights wavelenghs then the coils and pyramid wire conducting those splitt wavelenghs. <<< I suck at electronics so prolly completely wrong lol.
The Device

OK I'm taking a risk sharing anything at all with you people.

Captain Nemo PLEASE PLEASE post the full bit of information contained on the old board about this device. Where it went into lengthy detail about how the guy with access was involved in government, and how anyone which came across this information would be taken out by any means necessary. This is one piece of information which is classified and true unlike the HDR and other useless information on this board.

I do not want to get into details, but I can tell everyone here that the correct name for this piece of equipment that high tech underground governments have access to is called the: reality distortion inhibitor. The reality distortion inhibitor allows one to control the changes in there existence, and all of existence for that matter, at will. For one to do this though they would need to use a type of system that allows for this type of adjustment, such as the temporary time displacement module. While one is using this module they can then use the reality distortion inhibitor to adjust what they require at their discretion. Also known as a quasi-reality alteration mechanism. This along with several trans-universal transportation, inter-dimensional units are being used by travelers and government among us. The documents, schematics, pictures, and information that I have from real time travelers is the real thing. In the last 3 years with no exaggeration I have been in contact with well over 100 aliens and time travelers for a few (specific pieces of equipment) that I will not mention here. The only reason that I learned about the existence of this stuff is because I gained all my information from 2 people I met in FL which were in the same situation as me, they had escaped these hostile beast here to this timeline and are currently living here in peace. The Rann have made illegal alterations to my personal existence doing horrible things to my life and health, and are doing things to torture me daily. They will stop at nothing to keep me from getting my hands on this equipment and escaping them. Absolutely every traveler with access to these units I have tried to do business with has ended up detained, missing or murdered trying to deliver these specific devices to me.

Here is proof, (just a few) recordings of countless business deals gone wrong:

Since these beings are skillful metamorphs which means they can mimic and assume a variety of physical shapes upon demand. It's one of their most devious and hard-to-detect skills, and they have caused many deaths because of this ability. They are impersonating my physical form and identify and have tricked absolutely everyone I have tried to deal with. They have me on track, knowing where I am at all times, who I'm going to contact before I ever contact them, What the outcome of a situation is going to be before it happens! And they are among me even right observing me closely invisible to the unaided human eye, being shielded by Infomatic Miasmic Proto Shields (IMPS),

Everything seems hopeless at this point.
The Device


Then share everything you know - with everyone here. Post scans of the schematics, photos, etc.

The best way to keep you safe - is to spread out the information. If you keep it secret - you are a target.