The Esoteric Truth Was Banned from all churches

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If I needed to tell a true story in my mind it would be most likely explained as a scenario, if I tell you the story too abruptly, it is what, the mind may absorb, information about a different reality, the physical and the unseen

They will be a nerve to a reaction to an emotion or an unpleasant feeling, that only the trained mind can understand and discern, without being over-emotional, and where that emotion comes from, to understand your emotional response. one must learn of your anatomy, once you understand your DNA, and grasp the reality of who you are, how you became and where you're going, but you must understand the gravity of what is going to be foretold.

This is not in your history books, but they were hidden for us, to learn about this existence, I must start from the beginning as time passed into my adulthood, I looked back at my birth and learned all the teachings throughout my time in space.

One must go back in time, to understand the future without that past, you cannot have a future, but within that time you have learned much about yourself and those around you, you have history and events that took place before you were born, and to know that pass you will understand who you are in humanity. Adam and Eve.

In this study, please respect the comments of others, so we all of a better understanding of your own Humanity
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A planet is created and custom for humanity earth is sanctified, from God almighty

God created the earth and six days and the 7th day he rested from all his creation

1,000 years expired supposedly Noah's family survived the deluge

4,000 years was to reconstruct humanity and the lessons of human history

When the 4,000 years expired of human history in the following 2000 years

Was introduce the Bible the word of God take effect on the day of the cross and beyond

When the 2,000 years well expired Then the reign of Christ begin

6,000 years to complete the history of a man

humanity has reached which call the golden years of humanity

Events are taken place to end and begin the new age of the coming of Christ

The 6,000 years it's still active and not reach its end yet the golden years of humanity, humanity will reach its highest point in history, and this last event will take place and from that time the courts of the heavens will determine a focal point on humanity as a whole. the last trial for or the last testing of our faith

What is hidden from your eyes, A spiritual veil between good and evil for the souls of man, they're called the watchers

I will try to explain the biology and the anatomy of man, as in his or her thinking. What truly happened in the garden of Eden, is not totally described in the Bible for very reasons they like myself agree to a certain point man needs to grow without interference, but that interference caused many events things, to hinder hope and the progress of the human family

The question is why our planet and our people are in such a division because the enemy is within

In this part I will explain in some detail the enemy within, there are two enemies the first one is the flesh. You! the second is the enemy within the flesh

The real story of Adam and Eve of who they were and what was their true nature before their transgressions

How was the flesh manifest and Adam and Eve, and the enemy that pursued humanity till this very day

Just note remember that eyes can not see the veil that, that veil is in words

Sinful apparition its roots and the end of its consequences from Adam and Eve to our present time in history

for each event is ls like a cork in a bottle, a document is found, as it is studied, it opens another bottle, the cork is open knowledge is released I'll try my best