The Funny Video Thread

Excellent Video...I will be following on your video with proof of Joe Bidens mental state that gives me no pleasure in showing...During the whole Presidential campaign i released only one of these videos on Paranormalis as i felt gulty that it was cruel to keep exposing Biden to ridicule...However, it turned out that VERY powerful left wing organisations in the US were 100 per cent behind Joe Biden and would do ANYTHING and Everything to ensure he would become the next president of the USA!!

The reason why Joe Biden was chosen in the first place to become a presidential candidate was because he would be recognised by all US people as Obamas vice president, irrespective of his failing mental health...I do not think Biden will stay more than one year as President, because Kamala Harris will take over the presidency, making her the first female president of the US...May God help the US and the World over the next 4 years as a left wing Government creates mayhem for all American citizens (no disrespect to our moderator Mayhem)..