The John Titor Mystery is Solved

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The 2 investigators I credit the most for solving this mystery are John Razimus and Paula Jedi.

Art Bell was a paranormal radio show host who asked people to call in with convincing stories that they are time travelers. The most convincing one was a guy named Rick from Mississippi who was helping Mad Man Marcum with his time travel experiments suggesting Marcum should send a message to himself in the past. Rick called again from Southern California as Mike from 2037. He didn't do a bad job with his time travel story. So he was given an 11 part interview with Art Bell as John Single Seven from 2063. He based a lot of the future on the "Demolition Man" movie.

John got the idea to fax Art Bell three times. The idea came from Mike Mitreski in a chat room. That's about the time I got into this.

John hired the Haber family. Larry the Disney Lawyer. Morey the IBM and cyber-privacy expert. Most likely Larry's son from which we get the "Steve Jackson Role-Playing Time Travel" elements. It was Morey that added the IBM part of John's story. Larry's wife's sister is married to Joel Kostuch who is a director and producer at Disney. Joel came up with John's background. Rochester, Minnesota, University of Florida, all that is Joel's background. EyesViewMedia is just down the street from the John Titor Foundation and they were the ones who faked the "Where is John Titor" documentary. Oliver Willabus, who is Larry's carpenter, has the official alias of "Oliver Williams" and signs all the legal documents for John and his Foundation. Art Haber, one of the brothers admitted the jist of this.

John later called in a lot as Oliver Williams who started to host the JohnTitorFoundation.Com and JohnTitor.Com websites. Who is John? He's somewhat of a genius who graduated from the South Dakota School of Mines and Engineering. He called into the Art Bell show as an actor. J.L.Glass, the comic-book writer, who also called in to Art Bell to play different roles was probably helping him with tips.

Finally, David "Boomer" Brin and Karen Haber, two of the most well known time travel writers were probably called in to consolidate the story to make a movie. David says "The Postman" was inspired by the John Titor story. This is yet unverified. Finally, the movie failed to be produced. John tried to do a few podcasts but he wasn't into it.

It was here that I think the Foundation was trying to continue the legend under John Titor's mother K. or Kay Titor. But that plan collapsed.

Joseph Matheny did come up with part of the John Titor story and the Live Action Role-Playing as if it was real. He refused to release his part of the story to the Foundation so that killed the movie project. He bragged about it later on a radio program where psychics were speculating about the future. I think it was Joseph's talented prop maker friend who may have been inspired by the GhostBusters props, who made the time machine.


Where did the name "John Titor" come from?

John comes from the characters "John Connor" from the "Terminator" movie and "John Spartan" from the "Demolition Man", John Single Seven's favorite movie.

Titor comes from two of the sisters who are married to Joel and Larry. Titshaw. That is a very unusual name so John would not have that name unless something like this was the case. .The Titor could refer to "Terminator" or "Time Traveler" as it sounds like a sped up way of saying it.


So where do I come in? I recognized what this was early. The time John Titor was active. I've been using the John Titor story to promote my political and spiritual agenda and to help you change the future.
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1. You're not John Titor. 2. I'm asking kindly that you stop your lies.

None of you know the truth.

With love,

Oh. Learned that our own time to speak is coming. It will be fun. Lol. ;)

Research? Is that what you call it. Maybe, stalking? How many times have you threatened Larry, Paula? With ruining his career?

Oh yes. This will be fun... :D
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With Larry's permission: He advised me to correct you.

I am his actual wife. No where in my heritage is the name of Titshaw. Thank God.

He also gave permission to state "they need to get a life", while laughing.

Oh yes. Looking forward to our own voices being heard. Some of you will wish to run and hide from total embarrassment from your years of stalking. Thank goodness you've gone under fake names, right?


Actually. Larry is right. After 7 years of stalking (oh. That's right. "Research") this is the best you could come up with?

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See, I actually have Larry's personal permission to say all of the above and this:

I have one question. How many laws did you break in your seven years of "research".? Good question, yes? ;)

I'm very sorry. But, your hunting season is over.

My God (said with sincerity of heart towards Him)... It is like you guys are playing Hunger Games.

Guess what. I win.

With truth, love and real light,
Tempus Edax Rerum 177

there is Only One of Me

You've been looking in all the wrong places. Lol. The protected little girl? I grew up. With some hard lessons learned after beginning to know the truth, after a childhood that partially prepared me. I will not let you destroy the truth of the legacy with flat out lies. Because, Im the only one to know all three sides. Yes... 3 sides.

Some of us stay together to help others. We make sacrifices you will never understand. If it isn't written with the truth of love and kindness as it's guide? It won't be approved.

None of you are the real thing, and I can prove it. I've got the dates. And, Titshaw's like to get to even... Neither are married. I'm not about getting even. I'm about what is right and good, love and God.

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No. One last thing to share. Something of our personal life. It came as a quiet and joyful surprise to me, when in conversation Larry said "Honey? I think there is something to your beliefs, your faith, your prayers. Because, when it looks like everything is about to fall apart, something comes along to make it alright. Can we start studying the Bible together?".

A sincere moment of joy...

You guys don't know any of us. Do you.

Maybe, start with prayer instead of wasting 7 entire years on lies and assumptions. Things you don't know... Anything about.

It's not an episode Paula. However, you sure do have a lot of them on here. Accusing people falsely. My mother has a quote "our actions have consequences and sometimes people get hurt". Ring any bells or lights for any of you?

Good night. I hope one day you can forgive yourselves...
Paula, the next time you accuse my family falsely or threaten Larry inappropriately (or myself), I'm turning you into Florida State patrol for stalking and harassment. I'm done. You've admitted to seven years of such.

It's ok for you to threaten, intimidate, deny, stalk, delete evidence and harass others? No more. My patience is long. My kindness longer and forgiveness. You treated them like nothing.

Did you know destruction of evidence is a felony? You can squeal on everyone else to make it a misdemeanor.

We're done now. In fact, you sound like someone else I know... ;)

Thank you
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I remember you. We exchanged emails. Nice to see ya around here again. And if anyone else is wondering I would vouch for her. She is legit and exactly who she says she is.


Seriously, John and I had our ups and downs, but we've basically been researching together -- two different perspectives, basically.
He didn't even mention it all, like Haber's connection to a Disney film. It is quite a complicated story.