The Largest Black Hole In The Universe..

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start at edge

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Interesting!..I have been thinking about a link between telepathy and time-travel :cool:..
I also had lots of similar thoughts, but rather about a link between telepathy and parallel timelines (which somehow is something time-independent) or even a simulated reality.
The most amazing coincidence that occurred to me in my whole life, was as a kid (I think I was round 13). I was singing “Going Back West” (Boney M.) while walking around the house, I went to the radio, turned it on and … boom, there it was – the exact song, at the exact hundredth of a second, perfectly synchronized with what I was singing.
Speaking of Boney M. … there is a song of theirs that none of my friends, relatives, neighbors or acquaintances remember – I even wonder if they didn’t land here from another timeline, because I could find lots of videos on YouTube alone.
Do you remember it?