The legend of the midnight bus: real or fake?


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The midnight bus is an urban legend from Beijing that might have been true.
If some of you haven't heard of it, I'll tell you it: It all happened in November 14, 1995. A young man and an old man, strangers to each other, got on bus 302: the midnight bus. After a while, two other passengers got on the bus and sat in the front close to the driver. Shortly after the bus left the stop, the old man started accusing the young man for stealing his wallet. They started arguing until the old man told the bus driver to let them off the bus. When they got off, the young man said: "what the hell was that all about?" The old man replied: "I just saved our lives!" The young man was puzzled.
- What do you mean?
- Did you see the two passengers in the front?
- Yeah, so what?
- You didn't see them very clearly... Those two had no legs! They were just floating around!
- You mean they were... Ghosts?
- Yes.
The young man started to sweat... He called the police and told them about the story. The next day, the news media reported that the bus 302 with the driver had disappeared some time after midnight. The police searched the entire city, but no trace of it was ever found. Until two days later, when the police found it submerged in the Miyun reservoir, about 100km away. Inside the bus, they found the badly decomposed body of the bus driver.

There were a number of other mysteries surrounding this case:

1) The bus did not have enough gas to drive all the way to the Miyun reservoir and when the police opened the petrol tank, they found that it was filled with blood.

2) Even though the body was found only 2 days later, it was very badly decomposed. Even if it was summer, the process of decomposition could not be this quick. An autopsy confirmed that there had been no intentional meddling with the body. How could it have decomposed so quickly?

3) The police did a strict inspection of all the security camera tapes on each entrance leading to the Miyun reservoir, but the bus wasn't seen in any of them. In fact, they found nothing out of ordinary whatsoever. How could the bus have gotten there without being seen?

To this day, it remains an unsolved mystery.

So what do you think? Did all this really happen, or not?

Please share your thoughts.
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Sounds like a CreepyPasta. But TBH, i like to belive in them. Life is more interesting when you belive in such things.


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That was an episode from the Twilight Zone series on TV :D
The pesky Chinese news reporter must have done it as an April Fools Day prank ::LOL:::D