The MATRIX may be real.


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The MATRIX may be real.

Maybe the greatest acheivement of the Matrix is to make us believe that it doesn't exist. Now, really... how often did you thought about the fact that we may be mearly some batteries powering an entire civilization of robots and machines? This might be true... we could be living in a virtual world... a prison for the mind.
And as Morpheus said, it's a world based on rules... rules like gravity... some can be bent, others can be broken. How, I really don't know... yet.

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Sometimes, when I take the blue pill, I enter the Matrix too.:D

There is a joke I have with my brother I thought I might share. You know the scene when Neo says to Morpheus "Why do my eye's hurt"? Morpheus says,"Because you never used them before." Well my brother is an XBOX gamer (strictly) and every now and then I can convince him to play a computer game with me but since he isn't used to the mouse it has a tendency to hurt his wrist after playing for a while. He always says to me, "Why does my wrist hurt?"-Kinda cheesy but thought it was funny.

As far as the MATRIX movie being real, I wish they would reimplant me with a Ferrari-F50. My feeble mind could handle the perfect world, I might even pump out a couple more megawatts for some free gas and insurance.

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Hm... now I'm starting to think... If we would find a way to disable the Matrix and wake the people up to reality, wouldn't the Matrix "unplug" those who can find the way? To eliminate any threat to the system. :/
Hmmm... that's got me thining. :D

Well, we should not exclude the posibility that it might be real. How can anyone know, right?

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Brentnauer said:
I'm not quite sure I'd even WANT to leave the Matrix. Reality is perception, and I'm just fine with it.
Even if you were 100% sure the Matrix was real, and that you are a slave of the evil machines ?
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i saw matrix like fifteen times man but only cuz i wanted to figure out why neo thought that bony chick was hot yo she looked like a skeleton with a helmet hair wig and a black raincoat dude

that one guy who ate the steak was the shizz yo i woulda done the same thing and stayed in the matrix but his moustash made me nervous bald people shouldnt have them
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There is a theory that we live in a simulation. Here's a link to some info...
Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?

One scientist put it at about 1/3 that we do. another book you may want to read is
Programming the Universe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In it he describes how the universe is a giant quantum computer. If so then this idea coupled with the idea that we are a simulation may increase the odds that we are. There would be no waking up to the real world tho, we would forever be inside the program. Unless the operators of the simulation built a robot body for those they felt worthy and brought their program out to the real world. That's always possible. I don't think iot matters really if we are simulations. We are just as real as we ever were and if the program ends we wont know it.
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The Shamans call this the web of life. The spider weaves the web of life. All things are connected and exist on this web. That which you would call the matrix.