The melonheads

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I recently finished a brief documentary about The Melonheads in Kirtland Ohio.

I know there are sightings in Connecticut and Indiana, but the origin for Ohio was a Doctor named Crow(e).

A lot of people believe Dr. Crowe is a made up person and part of a large myth. However during our investigation we found his niece and his grave.

If you’re interested the documentary went live on YouTube yesterday.

We have a lot more to do here and will do a follow up. Much of the land on Wisner road where this all took place is posted.


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Yeah that’s definitely a red flag for me too.

I can just hear the excuse of "oh it's an occult holiday hence monsters show up" but the fact it happens EVERY year
makes me think it's an ongoing and probably very convincing prank------but a prank nonetheless.
This is coming from an experiencer and believer in supernatural so that says a lot.