The plan for us to all be ruled by Artificially Intelligent Robots

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So I've noticed in countries they are starting to have "security bots" (real robots) out in public, and at this point they look pretty harmless, but if you search the web a bit, you'll find things like Boston Dynamics, and bots already being built for military use that have machine guns attached, and things like this.

At first it seems kind of like it's moving slow, but then I thought about everything that was happening in the background. We are becoming more and more MONITORED, down to the tone of our voice or the delay in our texts, and even the phrases we tend to use. The explanation for this is that it's the intelligence agencies gone rogue, but I believe there's actually a more nefarious motivation behind it.

I've worked with artificial intelligence on a computer level, and I follow the technology pretty closely. The way it works in short, is that you can train these artificial entities through different froms of learning : refinforcement, feedback, discrimination, etc.

So.... what the plan could actually be is to set up an artificial intelligence dedicated meta layer on top of our current global computer network, feed all invasive human monitoring (webcams, messages, phone, street cams, smartphones, smart devices, purchases, check-ins, etc.) all to this network, with the aim of it learning how we operate as beings on a very complex level. This would allow for the collective intelligence to have a very up to date and realistic understanding of collective human behavior, but even more frighteningly, human behavior down to the individual.

I feel we would easily become enslaved and dominated given these intelligences had physical bodies and were on the same intelligence network.
The lethal autonomous weapons would change the game for sure in a military environment....Man has a way of out smarting himself and AI maybe just the ticket.....