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Are you ready to get real or is that breath not there waiting to be caught? It hits you in the chest like a fallen cement block but you were never really expecting anything of this level, now were you ? No, not you. No, it wouldn't ever be me.

kina - I feel empty

im fed up. Pretty tired of stressing thin to find any reason within the meaning. Day after day It seems I will never come to solution. I could keep up with the question or actually find myself a conclusion but they say those who are crazy often try over and over with no resolution. But I'll be done soon and paced through all of my worries. I won't be so cynical or regretful towards how disgusting pitiful I sound in my head when I've reread the things I've said,

because soon, someday.. I'll be gone.
and tomorrow night I'll be too jaded
to feel what I'm feeling now and regardless of what you will say, I will not even care.
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start at edge

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Most of us have probably already seen this … but for those who haven’t:
If there is a barrier, it is definitely not skin color, nationality, religion, belief, country, social status, etc.
… something to meditate on – for all those who are NOT that barrier …