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The most emotional poem I’ve ever heard, recited by a 5 years old boy who came from Moldova to open our eyes and brought the grown judges to tears (Romania Got Talent).
I could translate only a small part … but it is definitely worth translating the whole poem, in any language.

You sold us to strangers

Now that you stripped us naked
And sold us to strangers
And our country you’ve confiscated
And you treat us like wild dogs …

Now I want to say what I feel
When I see you can’t get enough
And from masters of our own country
To the west we became slaves.

Our girls were like icons to us
That we decorated in frames for holidays
And you made them exotic dancers
In houses full of horrors.

Young men tall as pine trees
Are now labor cattle
And struggle their sweat out throughout the world
As if there is no more place for them in their own country.

So we, generations farmers,
Who once fed entire nations,
Look at the moon sometimes,
Helpless watching the country dying.

And it is you who come to the villages
Playing humble, every 4 years
And look upon us with great pity,
But for some votes you lie to us

And promise us comfort
And good life,
But after you take over the power
Again you turn your back to the villages.



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