The Riddle House

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Mar 21, 2018
Hi all,

Have had many experiences in my life - it's my normal. It's become a main passion of mine, though that doesn't mean it doesn't come without consequence and learning things the hard way along the way.

That being said, I have many stories from the riddle house - as well as a picture that shook me to my very core when I saw it after we got home... I always make sure to take photos in succession to be able to "debunk" as well as "confirm", etc. This particular night after we had left the Riddle House, I had a feeling to take as many pictures of the outside as possible before going home. I felt uneasy and also felt that was a strong indicator that I was right. And I was, though like I said earlier, it didn't come without consequence. After the following happened, a dark entity followed us home - I spent months driving it out of the very haunted house we were already living in at the time.

I have to upload all the photos to this laptop (this was a few years ago now), they're on my old external hard drive, but here's the photo I was both happy and heartbroken to capture... I had felt the child spirit in the house distinctively every single time I've gone in, I could feel that joe (the evil spirit in the house) was controlling the child and keeping the child hidden from people purposefully and making the child seem "malicious", but i could also feel that this was indeed a child, and an innocent one... and I was determined to let the child know i knew, and that I saw him/her. (though I've felt from day one that it's a little boy).

Another spirit kept inside the house is the mother - who I feel both comfortable and uneasy with, which is hard to explain.

There's another spirit there ironically named Mary - no one knows where she came from but they believe she's attached to one of the items in the house, I've walked around to see if i could feel which one and I narrowed it down to a few that felt "familiar" (that had a feeling of her), but those are stories for another time.

If you don't know the story of the Riddle House, joe was a worker for the Riddle family - a financial dispute broke out, he was accused of stealing money i believe, i'm not sure if it was him or not, but it made him angry and he hung himself in their attic - which caught fire right after. Thankfully everyone else was alright. But the father began keeping a journal when strange things began to happen in the house...

I also found out that it turns out one of the Riddle children tragically fell out of one of the windows...

I've had MANY experiences at the Riddle House which i'll continue to share in further posts, but first i'll post this along with the picture I mentioned earlier in the post. (Important to note - i took over 100 photos in succession and this was the only photo captured of the little boy)

Also, if you have been to the Riddle House and have had any experiences there, feel free to share here <3


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Dec 13, 2016
I never go to these places, spirit see my light and energy. I cross spirit into the light, i would ruin the attraction for everyone. Although, that will soon have to happen. It is one of the gift's i was given, but also a specific task to do. Enjoy it while you can, but they are souls of which God would like to return home.