The Secret Time Travel Experiments of Nikola Tesla

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Jun 11, 2004

by Commander X

Commander X delves into the secret time travel experiments of Nikola Tesla. Long before the disastrous Philadelphia Experiment, partially based on Tesla-technology, Nikola Tesla discovered by accident the secrets of traveling through time and the inherent dangers of tampering with the cosmic framework that governs the laws of time and space.

I have long been an admirer of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. That should come to no surprise to anyone who has read some of my previous books. Here was a man whose genius was far beyond the great minds of his day. He had an intellect that at times seemed almost unearthly. I suppose this is why some have speculated that such a remarkable individual could not have sprung from the bosom of mother Earth, but instead was the product of extraterrestrial intervention.

I must admit that for a while the idea that Nikola Tesla was not of this planet held a certain appeal to me. It would certainly answer a lot of questions about this enigmatic man - but of course it would also create even more questions that would be impossible to answer in my lifetime. So I was finally left with the simplest explanation on the true origins of Nikola Tesla. I have concluded he was an extraordinary human the likes we so rarely see.

My primary schooling was bereft of any education of Tesla or his great achievements. His name, in its absence, spoke of dark conspiracies and downright thievery. In public, only the Tesla-coil stands out in honor of its namesake, but few know of the person for whom it is christened. Textbooks held no place between its pages for this great man, and teachers rarely uttered his name. Thankfully, some have come to recognize the great injustice that has been done to Tesla and have found a place in some classrooms to teach his history. I think it would be safe to say that Nikola Tesla was the man who invented the 20th Century.

But a mystery remains.

A mystery that has been diabolical in its treachery not only to Nikola Tesla, but to humanity as a whole.

We know that the United State Patent Office granted patents to many of Tesla’s inventions. These were inventions that Tesla and his investors saw as potentially profitable - the AC motor is an excellent example of one of Tesla’s inventions that changed the world. However, Tesla also invented an unknown number of other items that were never patented for one reason or another. Tesla had a keen sense of what would garner financial interest, but he also worked on and developed technology that was simply for his own curiosity. Of these inventions, we know practically nothing.

Remarkable by any standard, Tesla’s patents illuminate only his most purposive, practical work. As he often lamented, there just wasn’t enough time to tame the racing of ideas in his head; so much had to be left incomplete. Some of the projects-- achieving an ultrahigh vacuum, a rocket engine design, experiments in directed beams and solar power -- simply don’t fit into the early 20th Century. Frequently he was content to publish his findings without regard to priority or patentability: he introduced in this way the therapeutic method now called diathermy. Other ideas were simply written down with no attempt to patent or even publicize them.

We now know that Tesla was interested and experimented in such "wild" ideas as free energy, antigravity, invisibility and even time travel. Its no surprise that Tesla in his day was loathe to speak of these kinds of interests - after all, even today these areas of study still come under fire by some "mainstream" scientists, who refuse to use their imaginations and intellect, and scorn such interests with terms such as "bad science" and quackery.


In my years as a military intelligence operative I came into contact with a number of top-secret programs that were either investigating, or, shockingly enough, actively using technology based on some of Tesla’s "wild" ideas. Both the United States and Russia have active Particle Beam and RF (radio frequency) weaponry that has been in operation since the early 1970’s - all as a result of Tesla’s early 19th and 20th Century experiments.

To say that there are other
black budget projects involving Tesla-based research would wildly underestimate the total amount of research and development being conducted right now by many countries worldwide. And these are the projects that we know about.

Who knows how many deep, dark, secret projects are being conducted right now with science that could be decades, even hundreds of years beyond what civilian science knows today.


In 1895, while conducting research with his step-up transformer, Nikola Tesla had his first indications that time and space could be influenced by using highly charged, rotating magnetic fields. Part of this revelation came about from Tesla’s experimentation with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere. Tesla’s simple discovery would, years later, lead to the infamous
Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk time travel projects. But even before these highly top-secret military programs came about, Tesla made some fascinating discoveries on the nature of time and the real possibilities of time travel.

With these experiments in high-voltage electricity and magnetic fields, Tesla discovered that time and space could be breached, or warped, creating a "doorway" that could lead to other time frames. But with this monumental discovery, Tesla also discovered, through personal experience, the very real dangers inherent with time travel.

Tesla’s first brush with time travel came in March 1895. A reporter for the New York Herald wrote on March 13 that he came across the inventor in a small café, looking shaken after being hit by 3.5 million volts,

"I am afraid," said Tesla, "that you won’t find me a pleasant companion tonight. The fact is I was almost killed today. The spark jumped three feet through the air and struck me here on the right shoulder. If my assistant had not turned off the current instantly in might have been the end of me."

Tesla, on contact with the resonating electromagnetic charge, found himself outside his time-frame reference. He reported that he could see the immediate past, present and future, all at once. But he was paralyzed within the electromagnetic field, unable to help himself. His assistant, by turning off the current, released Tesla before any permanent damage was done. A repeat of this very incident would occur years later during the Philadelphia Experiment. Unfortunately, the sailors involved were left outside their time-frame reference for too long with disastrous results.

Tesla’s secret time travel experiments would continue on in the hands of others who were not as concerned with humanity as Tesla.

We are left with rumors and speculations on who may have become the heirs of Tesla’s research -- hopefully, someday these secrets will be revealed once and for all.


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Feb 8, 2015
@Opmmur Great posting Prof (y)..
Tesla was making Radio Receivers for National and other American companies back in the 1930s under the pseudonym of Turbo, which was his mothers maiden name before she married Tesla`s father.,..The Receivers were well known for their strange coils and couplins, the coils would always be placed in the Pyramid shaping of 45 degree angles..The FRR-24 was an over-engineered receiver that he produced of which one of them was used in the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943...But you know all of this Prof and more ;) :D
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Jun 11, 2004
National AN/FRR-24, AN/FRR-37, AN/FRR-42, AN/FRR-43, and AN/FRR-10 receivers

If you have one of these monsters, or any pieces of one, please send me e-mail - I have acquired almost all the modules and cables to assemble a system and would like to acquire some additional pieces and information. I also have some spare modules to trade. I'd also like to correspond with other FRR-24, FRR-37, or FRR-10 owners as I start assembling and testing mine. I'd really like to hear from anyone who has photos or knows how & where these systems were used by the US Navy.

Photo thanks to K1KGG

National Company logo at top of rack
AN/FRR-24 Triple-diversity HF AM/CW/FSK Receiver
AN/FRR-24 System Configuration
The AN/FRR-24 (pictured at right) is a triple diversity dual-conversion HF (2-32 Mc.) receiver made by the National Co. (Malden, Mass.) around 1950. It was primarily designed for shore station teletype circuits. The operator's handbook 91580.2 and maintenance handbook 91580.3 that I have are dated 1952. The complete manual is NAVSHIPS 91580.

Procured under contract NObsr-39402 (30 June 1947) for $60,260 ea.

The AN/FRR-24 consists of 4 racks weighing a total of 3,121 lbs. Racks 1, 2, and 3 contain essentially identical receiver assemblies. Each receiver rack has 4 RF tuning modules (2-4mc, 4-8mc, 8-16mc, 16-32mc). Each receiver rack also has a detector/AF unit for monitoring purposes. IF selectivity can be set from 18kc to 250cps bandwidth. Rack 4 contains 3 detectors and 3 FSK converters plus signal comparators for triple diversity reception. Rack 4 also has 3 keyers to drive TTY signals over landlines as audio FSK signals. See below for more info on the racks and all the modules. Each receiver rack has 88 vacuum tubes, with 420 total for the entire system.

N4LQ's AN/FRR-24 - AM - video
N4LQ's AN/FRR-24 - CW - video

AN/FRR-37 Dual-diversity HF AM/CW/FSK Receiver
AN/FRR-37 System Configuration
The AN/FRR-37 is almost identical to the FRR-24 except with dual-diversity. The maintenance handbook (available from is NAVSHIPS 91896.3 and dated March 1953. The complete manual is NAVSHIPS 91896. - MIL-HBK-161 photo thanks to

Procured under contract NObsr-57388 (21 May 1952) for $41,245 ea.

The FRR-37 is a 3-rack dual-diversity version of the FRR-24 and is composed of racks 2, 3, and 4 - there is no rack 1. Rack 4 has 2 of various detector, converter, and keyer modules where the FRR-24 has 3 of them.

The FRR-37 rack (CY-1377/FRR-10) is about 12-14" deeper than the FRR-24 rack (CY-680/FRR-24), making cable access much easier. Almost all the FRR-37 modules have an A suffix and are FRR-24 units, as in SB-142A/FRR-24. However some modules are slightly different, with different unit numbers:

AN/FRR-10 Dual-diversity HF AM/SSB/ISB Receiver
AN/FRR-10 System Circuit Description, Block Diagrams, & Configuration
The FRR-10 manual is NAVSHIPS 92144 dated 2 February 1954. The manual says it is basically the same as the predecessor receivers FRR-24 and FRR-37 except that the FRR-10 provides dual-diversity AM, SSB, and ISB (simultaneous LSB & USB) reception and does not provide FSK or CW capability. The shipping weight of a complete FRR-10 system is 3740 lbs, but the uncrated weight is a mere 2362 lbs. The FRR-10 has 253 tubes and consumes about 1450 watts.

Procured under contract number NObsr-52433 (23 May 1951) for $43,100 ea.

The FRR-10 is a 3-rack configuration containing 2 receiver racks for dual-diversity reception of AM, SSB, and ISB. It does not include FSK or CW capability. The receivers have the same 4 RF units and first converter as FRR-24 and FRR-37, but the 50kc IF amp, filters, detectors, AFC, and diversity control are all different and have /FRR-10 suffixes. IF selectivity is 8, 12, or 16kc plus USB and LSB filters. There is a motor-driven AFC control in Rack 3. Almost all the FRR-10 modules that are common to the FRR-24 have a B suffix, such AM-450B/FRR-24. However, for some reason the SB-142A/FRR-24 Control Panel is an exception.

The FRR-10 configuration uses the same rack cabinet (CY-1377/FRR-10) as the FRR-37.

Please send e-mail if you have any info or photos on any of these units, AN/FRR-10, AN/FRR-24, or AN/FRR-37.

AN/FRR-42 and AN/FRR-43 HF AM/CW Receiver Systems

System Description & Configuration Information
The AN/FRR-42 is a 4-32 mc single channel, single-rack system similar to rack #2 of AN/FRR-24. External equipment is necessary for FSK detection.

The AN/FRR-43 is a 4-32 mc three channel, three-rack system similar to AN/FRR-24 but without the 4th rack. External equipment is necessary for diversity combining and FSK detection.

Manufactured by National - contract NObsr-57572 (19 June 1952)
AN/FRR-42 - $18,025 ea. with equipment spares
AN/FRR-43 - $54,085 ea. with equipment spares
Manual is NAVSHIPS 91891

System Design
The dual conversion receiver design is reasonably straightforward but extremely well-engineered and ruggedly-constructed - each module is a 19" rack-mounted case with a slide-out, tilting chassis. Each RF tuning module chassis is a massive aluminum casting with silver-plated tuning caps, etc.. Signal and well-filtered power connections are made internally through a plug/jack block between chassis and case. Each case (except for the power supplies) is fully enclosed with no external air access - blowers at the base of each rack force cooling air up the rack mount channels and around the sides of each module. There are openings from the air channels to the interior of a just few modules, the power supplies and CV-127 RTTY converters - all the other modules are fully enclosed.

Complete FRR-24 system as shown in manual

FRR-24 Rack 2 - upper
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Jun 11, 2004
FRR-24 Rack 2 - lower

2nd mixer, detector/monitor, IF amp, patch panel, bandpass filters, xtal osc, power supply

FRR-24 racks

left rack - misc storage

Rack 2 - receiver unit #2
The photos above are from an eBay listing several years ago - If you are the current owner of this or any other FRR-24, please let me know

with 3 RF units installed so far

Click Here
for photos of my FRR-24 and FRR-37 systems undergoing re-assembly and restoration -- --

Typical Module Construction -
AM-453 RF tuning module underside-
massive aluminum casting for chassis

Local Oscillator

Local Oscillator

Local Oscillator

Typical Module Construction -
AM-453 RF tuning module underside-
massive aluminum casting for chassis

AM-453 close-up of antenna, 3 RF, and mixer stages with thorough shielding

AM-453 close-up - cover for RF stages - grounding fingers plus thick silver-plated cover. --

Typical Module Construction -
SB-142 "bandswitch" layout with individual shield boxes for each switch section

SB-142 energizes a selected RF unit and routes HF oscillator and AGC lines to/from it

SB-142 close-up showing spring grounding clips for shields - coax is fed from rear connector under chassis and into shielded box.

SB-142 close up showing additional spring grounding fingers on shield
There are 420 tubes in a complete AN/FRR-24. There are 88 tubes within each of the three receiver assemblies. Most RF and IF amp stages use type 9003 pentodes. For illustration, the main signal path of one receiver assembly (configured for AM reception) has over 20 tubes in the signal chain and is organized as follows -

  • Bandswitch selects 1 of 4 RF units
  • 3 RF amp stages 6BA6 + 2x9003
  • 1st mixer (1750 kc IF out) 6BE6
  • 5 IF amp stages 5x9003
  • 2nd mixer (50 kc IF out) 6BE6
  • 1 IF amp stage 6C4
  • Bandwidth selects 1 of 8 filters (125 cycles to 18 kc) with 0-2 IF amp stages 9003 or 6AG5
  • 7 IF amp stages 3x9003 + 6C4 + 3x6AK6
  • detector 6AL5
  • AF amp 6BA6
  • AF output 6AK6
The AN/FRR-24 is exceptionally versatile. A set of patch panels allows the system to operate in different configurations. The Operator's manual lists 14 modes of operation and then says "these are but a few of the possible combinations of units". For example the system can operate as 3 separate receivers. Or it can combine outputs in dual or triple diversity mode. The three racks can be separately tuned or one of the receivers can be used as a master oscillator for the others, or a separate crystal oscillator can drive one or more receivers. There are also multiple ways to couple AGC voltage among the units.

Links -

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Jun 11, 2004
Can the FRR-24 be used as a multi-dimensional space-time resonator ??
Check it out


After completing the first draft of this book, a new development took place. It concerns occurrences that started years ago but only came to a resolution recently.

This concerns John von Neumann and corroborates the theory that he didn’t die in 1958 as is generally believed.

In 1983, I was contacted by a friend of mine in upstate New York who I will refer to as Klark. He knew I was interested in communications equipment and told me about an old time surplus dealer who I will call Dr. Rinehart.* Rinehart was a legend in the local surplus community.

* Dr. Rinehart is a pseudonym used to protect this individual’s privacy.

Klark said that the man had a collection of equipment that went back as far as the 1930’s and 1940’s. A meeting was arranged with Dr. Rinehart on the pretext that I was interested in buying him out. Klark introduced me, and Rinhart showed me his collection on a silver platter. He sincerely wanted to sell out, but I thought his price was too high. A great deal of the equipment was junk and would have cost just as much to cart away.

I considered his prices exorbitant and thought he might be a bit crazy. Apparently, he went even crazier after he met me. Klark visited him again on his own and was met at the door with a shot gun. Rinehart pointed the gun and told Klark that he didn’t want to see that bastard Preston on his property. He didn’t want to see Klark, Preston or any of their friends on the property. He said he’d shoot them if they showed up.

Klark tried to calm him down and asked what this was all about. He had no idea why the man was so upset. Rinehart said that Preston had come back and robbed him the night he was last there.

As it turned out, somebody had come to the guy’s house, strapped him to the chair, ransacked the house and stole money. It certainly wasn’t me, and Klark and I were both confused. Years went by, and I had dismissed the puzzling circumstances concerning Dr. Rinehart.

As my memory of the Montauk Project returned, I suddenly recognized Dr. Rinehart. He was actually John Eric von Neumann, the brains behind the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project!

Many years back, perhaps as early as 1958, von Neumann had been assigned to a “witness relocation” program. He was given a new identity as Dr. Rinehart and slipped into a new role as a surplus dealer upstate. He also remained on call to the authorities that ran the Phoenix and Montauk Projects and would work for them when every he was needed. Sometimes this was for months at a time.

This man not only looked like von Neumann, his doctorates in mathematics and physics were on the wall and came from Germany. Despite this, he claimed never to have left the United States.

It was also apparent that this gentleman’s faculties and memory had been tampered with.

I had talked this over with Al Bielek, and we figured that my presence at von Neumann’s house was too much for him. He would have remembered me from Montauk and that probably frightened him and caused him to flip out.

All of this is fascinating in its own right, but my main interest was in a strange looking receiver that he had. It is known as an FRR 24 Receiver. I had noticed it on my original visit, and it was still there. I wasn’t about to return to his place in view of his threats, but I’d sent people up there and they indicated the receiver was still there.

Al remembered von Neumann as well and wanted to visit him. In fact, von Neumann as Dr. Rinehart had taken a liking to Al. Hoping to get my hands on his receiver, I drove Al upstate to Rinehart’s house.

We weren’t sure how to approach him on the receiver. We thought about having me wear a disguise but thought it might be easier to have Al buy the receivers on my behalf.

Al got out of the car and greeted him. I remained in the car in hopes that he would ignore me. It started to rain, so Rinehart told Al that they should go to the trailer on the other side of the property. That’s where the equipment was. Rinehart walked right by my car and looked me straight in the face. He was friendly and said I should come along, too. Apparently, Rinehart didn’t recognize me. I followed them to the trailer as if nothing had ever happened between us.

Al got the guy talking, and I just listened. Von Neumann didn’t come through.

He was strictly in the identity of “Dr. Rinehart” as he spoke to us.

When he stopped talking, I told Rinehart that I’d heard he had a very large receiver setup where each receiver fits in a rack by itself.

He said,

“Oh, that thing! I was gonna keep that. But hell, I’m never gonna use it. I can’t even move it. I’m gonna keep it, or I’m gonna sell it.”

I asked him how much he wanted for it, and he said he would give it to me for a thousand dollars. I told him that Al and I couldn’t afford that kind of money, so he suggested a trade.

Al told me to make an offer so I offered $600 for four racks of the receivers.

He said that was a little less than he wanted and that he’d have to think it over.

We left on good terms and returned home.

Another meeting was arranged some time later. He said that he wanted hi-fi equipment and would be willing to work out a trade. We dug up some hi-fi material and went up again. He looked at it and practically got tears in his eyes. He was excited to see the material and remembered the people who actually designed much of it.

He apologized and said that he really couldn’t use any of the material. He wanted cash. If we sold the material, he said we could come back and get the receivers for cash.

We carted everything back to Long Island again. I was frustrated but wasn’t going to give up. I called around and found out that I could sell the material. It was worth $750 to other dealers, and I sold it immediately.

I wanted to get his receivers quickly as he was getting known again by national collectors. They would snap up the receivers if I didn’t act soon.

I took $800 and went up to see Dr. Rinehart again. I’d taken along some friends to help me move the equipment. Fortunately, it was a clear day, and the weather wasn’t going to interfere with our plans.

Dr. Rinehart came out and was in a friendly mood. I showed him $750, but he said he didn’t want any money until he was sure I was satisfied with the receivers. He showed us around the place. We went to look at the receivers, and I was surprised. He had four racks of the equipment, and I had remembered only one. He was willing to let them all go for my offer of $750 which was more than fair on his part. I found him to be quite pleasant. In fact, I was a bit puzzled. Initially, he had wanted $1,200 per rack which meant $4,800 for the entire system. Now, it was seven years later, and he was accepting $750. It is my opinion that he wanted me to have the receivers for some reason. I still don’t know exactly what it was.

As I poked around and looked at the receivers, my two friends went to the chicken coop as they were interested in some Western Electric equipment that was stored there. Dr. Rinehart was sitting in a chair not far from the receivers. Suddenly, I noticed that he was no longer Rinehart. He was John von Neumann! He remembered his true identity and began to talk.

He definitely remembered me and told me things that were of a sensitive nature which I am obligated not to repeat. He also said that over the years he had seen that millions of dollars were put away in secret Swiss bank accounts. This money was to be used to compensate many of the workers at Montauk who had suffered as a result of the project. Apparently, when I had visited him years back, some sort of signal alerted the secret group that backed the Montauk Project. He was bound up and robbed the next night, and his secret bank books were missing. He now realized that I had not been involved.

I wasn’t able to start moving the receivers out until the next day. It was a big job. I took the receivers out of their racks and broke them up so they could be moved safely. Rinehart was there, took, and he started to fade in and out. First, he was Rinehart, then he’d be von Neumann. It was like a yo-yo. Finally, he settled on von Neumann.

As von Neumann, he said that he had obtained these receivers for a very good reason. They were actually capable of tuning in on either of the two projects: Project Rainbow (the Philadelphia Experiment) or the Montauk Project. Further, the receivers were capable of tuning in on the project from any other space and time in our universe. He also believed this receiver was the main witness from Montauk to the USS Eldridge. He said it could pick up the pattern of the Eldridge back in 1943.

It seemed that von Neumann had completed what he had to say. Rinehart returned, and I loaded up the receivers to take back to Long Island.

I wasn’t sure how the receivers worked or what they were all about. My first step was to ask Duncan to do a psychic reading. He indicated that the receiver was capable of tuning to any particular point in time by way of zero time. He said that if we could figure out how to tune it, we could tune in to any other point in time.

We realized what von Neumann had already told me: this equipment was a key part of the Montauk time machine. I don’t think the particular equipment that I had was on either the Eldridge or at Montauk. I think it had been used at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in the 1940’s.

I wanted to trace this equipment further to see if it had a logical point of origin. I called the biggest old time radio surplus dealer in the country. They had never heard of the FRR 24 Receiver. I talked to lots of friends in the surplus business and found only one person who had ever seen one or heard of one. This person said that the receiver came out of RCA. He owned a piece of one of the receivers at one time. It had gone out of his hands when an old man from upstate New York came and paid an exorbitant price for the piece he had of the receiver.

Tracing this back to Dr. Rinehart, he verified that he was the purchaser of the equipment. But, he said that this only accounted for pieces from two of the racks he’d sole to me. There were four in total, and he had to buy the other two racks of receivers from somebody else. I tracked the other person down with Dr. Rinehart’s help. This person was a young man who also said the FRR 24 Receiver had come from RCA.

I decided to find out how many of these receivers had actually been released. I called up the Surplus Disposal Agency, gave them the number for the receiver, and they did a computer read out. A lady at the agency said that only three FRR 24’s had ever been released. All the other systems were either still in use or had been destroyed.

Then, she indicated that until recently, this receiver had been classified. She said that if any of them had been scrapped, the manuals for them had to be destroyed.

There was also a note indicating that each FRR 24 unit contained seventy-five pounds of silver. The units had reportedly been scrapped and sold to dealers for silver recovery. When scrapped, they are not useful as they would have been put through a crusher.

The report indicated that FRR 24’s were only released when the government agreed to sell them to a world communications company. There were three such instances listed. One FRR 24 went to RCA, one went to ITT on the west coast and another to Vero Beach, Florida.

I tried to trace down people who had actually worked with the FRR 24. Finally, I located a retired gentleman who had worked at RCA Rocky Point (on the eastern end of Long Island). He had worked at the receiver station at Rocky Point.

The gentleman indicated that the FRR 24’s had been at the RCA receiving station for years. He raved about the receivers and said they were beautiful and fantastic. When they were turned on, however, he said that a very strange type of interference was picked up all across Long Island Sound. It was a mystery and neither he nor anyone else could figure it out. He also mentioned that the receivers made strange audio noises and that RCA finally decided not to use them.

This was interesting because von Neumann told me that two receiver racks from RCA Rocky Point had been sent back to the 1930’s. One ended up in the Philadelphia Naval Yard and was used to track the Rainbow Project in 1943. The other receiver rack ended up at RCA for disassembly and study so that it could be replicated and applied to the technology of the day.

It is interesting to note that in the 1930’s, RCA made tremendous strides in radio technology. The years 1933 and 1934 were particularly ripe with new discoveries.

If von Neumann was right, RCA received and analyzed a rack of receivers from the future. It is likely that von Neumann would have sent them back himself.

The receiver rack that ended up at the Philadelphia Naval Yard eventually came into my possession, and I still have it. The disassembled rack was enhanced and improved upon by RCA, and these are what ended up at Rocky Point. This was accomplished through a time loop, thus there are some differences in the RCA receivers (the FRR 24’s that I recently got from von Neumann) and the one used during the Philadelphia Experiment. Both receivers, however, have more similarities than differences.

In addition to the above, I also have equipment developed by Tesla that appears to be inspired by the FRR 24’s that were sent back from the future by von Neumann.

Whatever the case, radio technology was pushed way ahead in the 1930’s. As an engineer and professional radio man, it is my personal conclusion that it couldn’t have been done without some major help from somewhere.

For example, Nikola Tesla was always upsetting the status quo by saying that he experienced communication with aliens.

There is another major point of interest concerning the FRR 24 Receiver. When I purchased them from Rinehart, I noticed that the aluminum housing was corroded on the outside. Aluminum itself does not corrode, but it does when it is mixed with impurities. The aluminum panel in the chassis, however, had no such corrosion. The chassis were therefore made out of a very pure aluminum. Commercial grade aluminum used in radio equipment is usually not that pure.

What does all this tell us?

There had to be a reason that the aluminum was so pure. Recently, it has come to the surface in conventional scientific circles that aluminum can be made into a superconductor. A friend of mine at NASA told me that mixing mercury with aluminum and alcohol makes micro channels big enough for electrons to channel through the aluminum. This essentially creates a room temperature superconductor.

Rinehart also warned me about the chassis. He said there might be a little bit of mercury contamination on the chassis. Further inspection has revealed that the chassis had some sort of mercury treatment process.

It is currently my belief that the treatment process is related to the silver resonators, which are the capacitors and coils. The mercury and aluminum create microfine channels along the superconducting chassis and the channels become a multi-dimensional resonator.

To conclude, this receiver is actually a multi-dimensional space-time resonator and would be part and parcel of any time machine that was used for the Philadelphia Experiment or at Montauk.

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Wilhelm Reich, it appears they had very little use for him personally. He was under pressure from the AMA and FDA for years on charges of quackery. Eventually, he was given a very stiff prison sentence for contempt of court when he refused to appear. The subsequent burning of his books and destruction of his equipment may be unparalleled in modern times for its outrageousness.

His claims about jamming the drives of UFOs didn’t win him too many friends either. He concluded that the drives of UFOs ran on cosmic or orgone energy. He developed a “space gun” on the basis of orgone theory and was able to make UFOs fade away with regularity according to eyewitness accounts.

After he was in prison, authorities reportedly gave him express permission to work on anti-gravity equations. This is odd to say the least; especially if they believed he was a quack.

Whatever the exact facts and details of Wilhelm Reich are, it appears that he was used for his inventive genius and then put away so he couldn’t disseminate his discoveries elsewhere.

The systematic condemnation of his work only backs this up.

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Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in what is today known as Yugoslavia. Known as the “Father of Radio”, he was clairvoyant and had different paranormal abilities. Most notable was his vision as a youngster that he would build an alternating current generator that would revolutionize the way that mankind harnessed electricity.

Tesla received a renaissance education and learned to speak several languages. He worked his way across Europe as an inventor and electronics engineer. In Paris, his genius came to the attention of one of Thomas Edison’s associates, and Tesla was invited to meet the famous inventor. Although Edison hired him, the two never got along well.

Edison’s utilities used direct current which required a power plant every few miles or so. Tesla tried to convince him that alternating current was more effective and less costly to operate. Edison was stubborn and Tesla’s brilliance must have made him feel insecure. Here was a man whose genius was far superior to that of Edison’s!

Edison would never back up Tesla’s plans to revolutionize the world with alternating current. The two finally had a complete falling out when Tesla advised Edison that he could upgrade his entire facility by building new machines and replacing the old ones. Edison offered him $50,000 to complete the task. Tesla designed twenty-four types of machines and effectively enhanced the factory. Edison was very impressed but wouldn’t pay the money. He claimed it was just his “American sense of humor.”

George Westinghouse was an inventor himself and recognized the genius in Tesla. He backed Tesla’s plan to harness alternating current from Niagara Falls and the world has never been the same since. Meanwhile, Edison tried to prove that alternating current could be deadly to humans and went to the extent of electrocuting a dog in public (with alternating current) to prove his point. Edison ended up embarrassed and humiliated.

Tesla’s career went on the rise and his experiments were of vast renown. He demonstrated remote control with small boats in Madison Square Garden, but many people dismissed it as witchcraft.

He even generated lighting between the Earth and sky at Colorado Springs. This experiment was particularly remarkable because he put light bulbs to the raw ground and they light up. This demonstrated that the Earth’s surface was a conductor of electricity. This proved that if the proper vehicles were used that the entire population of Earth could enjoy free energy.
Tesla created a huge tower on Long Island and sought to build a system that would provide free energy. While in progress the financier J.P. Morgan pulled the rug out from under Tesla. He didn’t want free energy.

Tesla’s career went into a decline and his reputation was hurt. Part of this was caused by his periodic admissions that he received communication from aliens.

His receivers supposedly picked up transmissions from Mars.

No one ever denied he was an electronics genius, but because he understood supernatural phenomena, he was held in suspicion. Today, many of my engineering colleagues consider him a “nut” who just happened to be brilliant in electronics. This is a very convenient explanation.

It is my opinion that he was incredibly ahead of his time.

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thepowers that be (FDR). A ship was procured on his behalf, and he had coils wrapped around the entire ship. His famous Tesla coils were also employed on the ship. However, he grew wary because as the project developed, he knew there would be problems with personnel. Perhaps he knew this due to his ability to fully visualize his inventions in his mind. In any case, Tesla knew that the mental state and bodies of the crew would be affected severely. He wanted more time to perfect the experiment.

Von Neumann disagreed with this vehemently at the time and the two never got along. Von Neumann was a brilliant scientist but did not embrace metaphysics for its own sake. Metaphysics was old hat to Tesla, and he had built a successful legacy of inventions based upon his unique prescience.

Part of what made his views so controversial was that during his experiments in Colorado Springs, circa 1900, he said that off planet intelligence had contacted him via consistent signal messages when Mars approached. This also occurred in 1926 when he had radio towers erected in the Waldorf Astoria and at his New York city lab. He claimed to receive information that he’d lose people if things were not changed.

He needed time to design new equipment.

Tesla’s requests for more time were not heeded. The government had a war to win and additional time was not granted. Tesla went through the motions but secretly sabotaged the operation in March 1942. He was either fired or quit. He is supposed to have died in 1943, but there is arguable evidence to suggest he was whisked off to England. A look-alike derelict is supposed to have been put in his place for the funeral. He was cremated the day after his body was found which was not in keeping with the tradition of his family’s orthodox faith. Whether or not he died is controversial.

That secret papers were removed from his safe has never been in question.

Von Neumann was named director of the project. He did a study and determined that two huge generators would be required for the experiment. The keel for the USS Eldridge was laid in July 1942. Tests were done at dry dock. Then, in late ‘42, von Neumann decided that the experiment could be fatal to people, just as Tesla had suggested. Ironically, he still got upset at the mention of Tesla’s name.

He decided a third generator would do the trick. He had time to build one but never got the third one to synchronize with the other two. It never worked because the gear box was incompatible. The experiment went out of control and a Navy technician was zapped, went comatose for four months and left the project. They pulled out the third generator. Von Neumann wasn’t satisfied, but his superiors weren’t going to wait any longer.

In July 20, 1943, they decided it was ready and made tests. Duncan Cameron Jr. and his brother, Edward, were in the control room to operate it. The ship was no longer at anchor and orders came by radio to turn it on. Fifteen minutes of invisibility ensued. There were immediate problems with people. They got sick, some experiencing nausea. There were also mental illnesses and psychological disorientation. They needed more time, but the final deadline was given for August 12th, 1943. The orders came from the Chief of Naval Operations, and he said he was only concerned with the war.

Trying to avoid damage to individuals involved, von Neumann tried to modify the equipment so that only radar invisibility would be achieved, not literal sight invisibility.

Six days before the final test on the Eldridge, three UFOs appeared over the ship.

The switch was thrown for the final test on August 12th, 1943. Two of the UFOs left the area. One was sucked up into hyperspace and ended up in the underground facility at Montauk.

Reports from Duncan indicated that he and his brother knew things were going to go wrong with the August 12th experiment. However, for three to six minutes, things looked good. It appeared it might work without any devastating effects. They could see the outline of the ship - everything was gone. There were problems. The principal radio mast and the transmitter were broken. People were jammed in the bulkheads. Others were walking around in an insane state.

Duncan and Edward Cameron did not suffer the same trauma as their shipmates.

They had been shielded in the generator room which was surrounded by steel bulkheads. The steel acted as a shield to the RF energy. As they witnessed things falling apart, they tried to shut off the generator and transceivers but were unsuccessful.

At the same “time”, another experiment was going on forty years later at Montauk. Research had revealed that the Earth, like humans, has a biorhythm. These biorhythms peak out every twenty years on August 12th. This coincided with 1983 and provided an additional function for the connecting links through the Earth’s field for the Eldridge to be pulled into hyperspace.

The Cameron brothers could not turn off the equipment on the Eldridge because it was linked through time to the generator at Montauk. They figured it wasn’t safe to remain on the ship and decided the best alternative would be to jump overboard in hopes of escaping the electromagnetic field of the ship.

They jumped and found themselves pulled through a time tunnel and onto dry ground at Montauk on Aug. 12th, ‘83 at night. They were found quickly and taken downstairs.

Von Neumann met Duncan and Edward and indicated he knew they were coming. He was now an old man. He said that there had been a lock up in hyperspace and that he’d been waiting since 1943 for this date. He told the time travellers that the technicians at Montauk were unable to go shut things down. Duncan and Edward were required to go back to 1943 and shut the generator off. Von Neumann even told them that the historical records showed that they had turned it off. But they hadn’t done it yet! He told them to destroy any equipment if that’s what it took.

Before returning to 1943 for good, Duncan and Edward did some missions for the Montauk group. They made a number of trips back to 1943. On one of these trips, Duncan passed through the time portal and entered the time tunnel. Duncan somehow entered a side tunnel and got caught there. Side tunnels were a mystery and remain so.

Even though the Montauk scientists theoretically considered side tunnels non-existent, Duncan was warned not to enter them if they should appear. Edward soon ended up in the same tunnel with Duncan.

A group of aliens revealed themselves.

Apparently, the side tunnel was an artificial reality created by the aliens. They wanted a piece of equipment before they would let their captives go. This equipment was a very sensitive instrument that charged the crystal drive to the UFO that was underground at Montauk. The aliens didn’t seem to mind leaving a ship, but they were very intent on keeping the drive source a mystery to humans.

Duncan and Edward returned to Montauk and retrieved the drive for the aliens. Eventually, they were able to return to the Eldridge and carry out von Neumann’s orders. They smashed the generators, transmitters and cut every cable they could find. The ship finally returned to its original point at the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

Before the portal closed, Duncan returned to Montauk in 1983. His brother, Edward, remained in 1943. Duncan is not sure why he returned. It has been suggested that he may have been under orders or programmed to do so.

This adventure turned out to be a disaster for Duncan. His time references totally dissolved, and he lost his link to the time line. When time references are lost, one of three things happens: aging slows down, remains the same or speeds up. In this case, it speeded up. Duncan began to age rapidly. After a short amount of time, he began to die of extreme old age.

We’re not sure how this happened, but we believe von Neumann transferred him to another time. Scientists were enlisted to help him. They couldn’t let the Duncan from 1943 die. He was not only invaluable to the project, he was elaborately involved with the entire scope of time. His death could have created bizarre paradoxes and had to be avoided.

Unfortunately, Duncan’s body was dying and there was nothing that could be done to alter the rapid aging. But there was another alternative. Research had already demonstrated that each human being has their own unique electromagnetic identity. This was commonly referred to as one’s “electromagnetic signature” or just “signature.” If this “signature” could be preserved when Duncan’s body ceased to function, it could theoretically be transferred to a new body.

The Montauk scientists were already intensely familiar with all of Duncan’s electromagnetic manifestations from the exhaustive research that had been done. By some means, I’m not sure how, his “soul” or “signature” was transferred to a new body.

They sought help from one of their most loyal and effective agents: A. Duncan Cameron Sr., who happened to be the father of Duncan and Edward Cameron.

Duncan Sr. was a mysterious character. He was married five times over the course of his life. He had numerous connections and didn’t seem to work. He spent his time building sailboats and travelling to Europe. Some have alleged that he smuggled Nazi and/or German scientists into the U.S. via his boating activities.

There is practically only one tangible piece of evidence that connects him to intelligence circles. He appeared in a photo of a special graduation for intelligence personnel at the Coast Guard Academy. He was not officially affiliated with the Coast Guard in any way.

Through the use of the Montauk time techniques, the Montauk group contacted Duncan Sr. in 1947. They informed him of the situation and told him to get busy and have another son. He now had a different wife than Duncan Jr.’s original mother. Duncan Sr. cooperated and a child was born, but it was a girl. His directions were to produce a son. Finally, a boy was born in 1951. “Duncan” was chosen as the name for this child, and this is the same Duncan I know today.

The Montauk techniques are obviously remarkable, but they were not sophisticated enough to move Duncan from 1983 straight back to 1951. There could have been other factors involved, but it appears the scientists had to rely on and use the twenty year biorhythms of the Earth. As Duncan’s original body was dying, he was transferred to 1963 and “installed” into the new body provided by Duncan Sr. and his wife.

Duncan Jr. has no memories prior to 1963. It is also obvious that whoever occupied his body between 1951 and 1963 was forced out.

I have often heard accounts of a secret project that was run by ITT at Brentwood, Long Island in 1963. It is entirely possible that transferring Duncan to a new body was the focal point or a very important part of this project. Whatever the circumstances, this project would certainly have been trying to somehow utilize the Earth’s biorhythm that occurs every twenty years.

Edward Cameron had returned to 1943. Duncan was in 1963.

After the August 1943 experiment, the Navy brass didn’t know what to do. Four days worth of meetings ensued with no conclusions. They decided to do one more test.

In late October of 1943, the Eldridge disembarked for the final experiment. No personnel were to remain on board. The crew boarded another vessel and controlled the equipment on the Eldridge remotely. The ship became invisible for about fifteen or twenty minutes. When they boarded it, some of the equipment was missing. Two transmitters, and a generator were gone.

The control room was a burnt shambles, but the zero time reference generator was left intact. It was put into secret storage.
The Navy washed their hands of the entire operation and officially launched the USS Eldridge with its office of record. The ship was eventually sold to the Greek navy who later uncovered the log books and found that everything before January of 1944 had been omitted from the records.

According to Al Bielek’s account, Edward Cameron continued his career in the Navy. He had top level security clearance and probed into many sensitive areas such as “free energy” vehicles and devices. He was outspoken and complained about improper procedures.

For whatever reason, he was brainwashed to forget the Philadelphia Experiment and anything else to do with secret technology.

Al has stated that age regression techniques were used to put Edward Cameron into a new body in the Bielek family. The Bielek family was chosen as there was only one child in the family and the baby had died by the time of his first birthday. Edward was substituted and the parents were brainwashed accordingly. Edward has since been known as “Al Bielek.”

Age regression techniques have been traced back to Tesla. When he was working on the original Philadelphia Experiment, he developed a device to help sailors in the event that they lost their time locks. The purpose of this device was to reestablish an individual with his normal time locks in the event he had been disoriented from time travel. The government or someone allegedly used this Tesla device and developed it for physical time regression.

Tesla said that if the time locks of an individual are moved ahead in time, one could actually remove age. If one’s time locks were pushed back twenty years younger, the body would be referenced to those locks.

Edward Cameron now became Al Bielek. Al grew up with his own identity and education and became and engineer. Eventually, he ended up working at Montauk. It was not until the mid 1980’s that Al began to get memories from his earlier identity. To this day, he continues to doggedly research the Philadelphia Experiment and is planning to write another book.

He intends to prove, even to the most skeptical, that the Philadelphia Experiment did indeed happen.

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quantum” refers to the different or many possible levels. “Quantum” comes from the Latin root “quantis” which means quantity.

Understanding multiple realities is key to understanding time. Conventional physics does not deny the possibility of parallel existences, but it is mostly concerned with theories about matter and anti-matter. As there is much evidence to prompt scientific investigation into the area, there are currently about sixty theories around the world and ten in the U.S. that deal with quantum levels of reality.

I am offering my own theory based upon my experiences, some of which are covered in this book. Like any proper scientific theory, this is being offered because it has proven workable to me in the laboratory. It will also help the reader get a better grasp of how time functions.

What exactly is parallel reality?

It would be a world or universe that has almost everything we have here. If we switched into it, we’d see another body that would represent us in the other existence. The parallel universe would not necessarily behave exactly like the one we’re familiar to. It would have unique properties unto itself.

It is my understanding that we exist in a number of parallel realities. We are primarily conscious of “our reality” because we are focused or referenced to it. The parallel universes might reach our consciousness through dreams, ESP, meditation or artificially induced mental states.

It is now important to consider the overall view and what these different realities might look like in schematic form. Einstein theorized that if one travels in a straight line from any particular point in space that one would eventually end up in exactly the same place that they started at. This could be considered a full loop. We are not going to go into the equations of that, but the general reader can grasp this by understanding what Einstein called a time toroid. For this purpose, a toroid can be likened to a two dimensional doughnut.

Einstein likened the entire universe to a time toroid. He theorized that if one started in a straight line from any given point on the outside of the doughnut, that one would end up at the exact opposite end of the doughnut. Both of these point would be essentially the same, except that one could be considered “positive” and the other “negative.” As they are both points in the infinite stream of time, one point could be called “positive infinity” and the other “negative infinity.”

For purposes of explaining my theory, I have extrapolated upon Einstein’s idea and have converted his time toroid into a three dimensional sphere. The reader can easily picture a smaller sphere inside of a bigger sphere. For clarification, we will call the inside sphere, Sphere A, which can be likened to a softball. The bigger sphere will be called Sphere B and can be likened to a basketball (which is hollow).

Our experiences in different realities all occur within the realm of Sphere A. If you start from a point on Sphere A and travel in a straight line, you will eventually come back to where you started from.

Within Sphere A, everything in dynamic and moving. It is time as we conceive it.

The area between Sphere A and Sphere B is not dynamic at all. In fact, it is considered to be at rest. We can postulate this area to be a sea of time particles. These are not particles in any ordinary sense. In fact, trying to describe them in this three dimensional example is awkward. We are simply assuming these non-moving particles of time exist because we can sense them (if only in idea form). These particles between Sphere A and Sphere B would be the same as the particles in dynamic time (within Sphere A) except that they are static, i.e. at rest.

Incidentally, we are not conscious of static time because our “normal” reality is built upon dynamic functions or dynamic time.

A reality in time is created when God or someone creates a stress on the wall of Sphere A. This stress will cause the dynamic particles inside of Sphere A to move and travel through the sphere until there is a loop, thus completing the Alpha and Omega (beginning and end).

Our reality can be considered one gigantic loop. It could have started with the big bang or the beginning of the universe and would eventually end there, but it would in fact continue ad infinitum.

When someone or something then takes that loop that we are in and creates a new time stress and changes reality, a new loop is created that is, in fact, an alternate reality. The original loop cannot be obliterated or denied. It will still be there. The new loop could be modified in any way the modifier chooses. It could be an opening in 1963 that goes to 1983. Everything in between those times would be an alternate loop. It would not be an entire loop of its own, but would be added to the original loop of our normal reality. In this way, partial loops would be added on to our original time line, and we can call this conglomeration of loops a manifold. Each loop could also be called a manifold (a manifold generally refers to something that has many parts).

As different alternate realities are created off of the original loop, additional manifolds are added to the sphere and make it swell. In addition to the alternate realities created by changing the reality of a particular time line, there could be parallel realities created in the beginning of time that also have their own “original” loops as well. There is an infinite number of loops and manifolds possible.

Some people may wonder about Sphere B in the above example. It is basically there to make the theory fit. At this point, I can add no further significance to Sphere B except that it serves as a wall containing time stress particles. It could possibly be a part of a bigger scheme of metaphysics.

Now that you have a grasp of how these time loops and manifolds fit into an overall picture of the universe, there is another key question that must be asked.

Is it possible to gain consciousness of the other loops or manifolds?

Yes, it is. This is what happened on my roof when I was putting up my Delta T antenna (as discussed in Chapter Six). That antenna has a subtle interdimensional effect on the nature of time itself. It enabled me to regain consciousness of an alternate time line that I had been put on against my innate will.

It is therefore possible for others to travel from one time loop to another. In fact, it appears that this is the entire reason for the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project in the first place. This theory indicates that not only was an alternate time loop created but that this loop enabled a vast influx of alien UFOs to come to this planet. UFOs have always been around, but there is no denying the sudden frequency of reports in the 1940’s.

Even if you do not accept any of this as the truth, it is quite obvious that this is the type of advantage an alien race might have over us.

The next point I want to address is that parallel realities are based upon principles common to electromagnetics. For example, it is common knowledge that alternating current is created by an alternating difference in potentials.

It is the relationship between the voltage and the current that makes alternating current function. Further, the relationship between the current and voltage is inextricable.

Just as there is an interplay between the voltage and current, there is one between two different realities.

Extrapolating from these principles, it can be understood that parallel realities are ninety degrees out of phase with our “normal reality.” In other words, if there is a parallel reality, one has to consider that it has potential energy. It is not activated of itself. It would also be ninety degrees out of kilter from our normal viewpoint. The fact that it is potential energy means that it has the capability to flow to our reality and vice versa.

This explains that there is not only a relationship between electromagnetic principles and other universes, but suggests that by utilizing electromagnetic principles that one can theoretically enter the realm of other realities. These would include the alternate time loops of which I have already spoken.

It is hoped that the above will give the reader a general understanding of how electromagnetic principles were used to manipulate time at Montauk.

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  • Amplitron- A high powered UHF amplifier. At Montauk, this served as the final amplifier of the transmitter before a function was radiated out the antenna. A large tube, it weighed 300 pounds and measured 35 inches in its largest dimension.

  • Biorhythm- This is an esoteric term and refers to any regularly repeating life function in an organism. A biorhythm is perhaps best understood in terms of Oriental “Ki” or “Chi” energy, which is the life force that regulates the entire body. Acupuncture addresses biorhythms in order to affect a cure. When the planet is considered as an organism, biorhythms would include all the subtle functions that make life possible and regulate it. The seasons, rotation of the Earth and spinning of the galaxy would all be taken into account. Legendary places such as Stonehenge are considered to be constructed in harmony with the biorhythms of the planet.

  • Cathode- In a vacuum tube, the electron emitting material is called a cathode. In an electrolytic cell, it is the negative electrode from which current flows. In essence, it is a source of flow.

  • Cycle- A unit of activity within a wave that continually repeats itself. A cycle will go up and down before it repeats itself. If you visualize ocean waves that are all uniform, the series of waves would be called the “wave.” The one ocean wave that a surfer might ride would be a “cycle.”

  • Delta T- Short for “Delta Time.” Delta is used in science to indicate change, thus “Delta T” would indicate a change in time.

  • Delta T antenna- An octahedronal antenna structure that is designed to bend time. Visually, it looks like two pyramids sharing the same base. By definition, it can actually facilitate shifting time zones. Two coils are placed vertically around the edges of the pyramid structure at 90 degree angles to one another. A third coil surrounds the base. Shifting time zones was accomplished by pulsing and powering the Delta T antenna, as is discussed in Chapter 12. Even when the antenna is not powered, it has a subtle interdimensional effect on the nature of time itself.

  • DOR- Stands for “Dead ORgone” (see definition of “orgone”.) This refers to life energy that has become stagnant or negative. DOR could be considered the antithesis of life energy.

  • Electromagnetic bottle”- This refers to a “bottle effect” that is created when a specific space is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. The specific space itself is the inside of the “bottle.” The walls would be the electromagnetic field. When people or objects are within the specific space, they would be within an “electromagnetic bottle.”

  • Electromagnetic wave- When an electric charge occurs that oscillates (swings back and forth), a field around the charge is generated. This field is both electric and magnetic in nature. This field also oscillates which in turn propagates a wave through space. This was is called an electromagnetic wave.

  • Frequency- The number of waves or cycles per second.

  • Helmholtz coils- commonly, Helmholtz coils refer to two identical coils that are separated by a distance of one radius of the coils themselves. (You can visualize this if you think of two hula hoops parallel to each other.) When the coils are electrified, they produce a homogeneous magnetic field over a larger volume of space than does a single coil.

  • Hertz- (abbr Hz) This is simply one cycle of a wave. A wave consists of numerous cycles that are repetitions of one cycle. To be a bit more technical, hertz is the complete fluctuation of a wave from plus (the highest point) to minus (the lowest point.) Thirty hertz would be thirty cycles per second.

  • MHz- MegaHertz, which are equivalent to 1,000,000 hertz.

  • Non-hertzian component- This term does not exist in conventional science. It refers to the etheric component of electromagnetic waves. Theoretically, the non-Hertzian component is a wave function. Instead of oscillating transversely, it oscillates with the direction of propagation, which is known as longitudinal (i.e. sound waves.) It could be looked at as an “acoustical” electromagnetic wave.

  • Orgone- This refers to life energy or sexual energy as observed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. It is the positive energy that “makes us tick.”

  • Oscillator- A device that establishes and maintains oscillations. To oscillate means to swing back and forth. In electronics, an oscillations refers to a regular variation between maximum and minimum values, such as current or voltage.

  • Phase- The time interval between when one thing occurs and the instant a second related thing takes place.

  • Phase conjugation- This is the process whereby a wave comes back from a received source that is an imaginary image of a transmitted wave. In other words, when a radio wave is transmitted, an image goes back to the transmitter by the process of conjugation. (For more information, one can read up on modern electro-optics theory.)

  • Phoenix Project- A secret project that commenced in the late 1940’s. It researched the use of orgone energy, particularly in regards to weather control. It eventually inherited the Rainbow Project and included the Montauk Project itself. “Phoenix” was an official code name.

  • Psycho-active- This pertains to any activity or function that has an effect on the mind or psyche. In this book, psycho-active refers primarily to electromagnetic functions or electric equipment that influence human thinking and behavior.

  • Psychotronics- The science and discipline of how life functions. It includes the study of how technology interacts with the human mind, spirit and body. Science, mathematics, philosophy, metaphysics and esoteric studies are united through the study of psychotronics. It would also include other realities and how we interface with other dimensions of existence.

  • Pulse modulations- These are sent as a series of short pulses which are separated by relatively long stretches of time with no signal being transmitted.

  • RF- Radio Frequency. Frequencies above 20,000 hertz are called radio frequencies because they are useful in radio transmissions.

  • Radio wave- An electromagnetic wave that carries intelligent information (pictures, sound, etc.)

  • Relativistic- Relativistic functions refer to activities that are out of our normal reference frame. It also concerns how activities in other reference frames relate to ours. Relativity embraces the concept of everything without any limitations, including other dimensions and the entire universe(s).

  • Sideband- This is the component of radio waves that actually carries the intelligent information.

  • Space-time- When you study higher level physics, it becomes apparent that space and time are inextricably related to each other. It is considered less accurate to refer to just space or time by itself (because they don’t exist by themselves.) That would be like saying your mouth ate the dinner.

  • Time reference(s)- This refers to the electromagnetic factors by which we are connected to the physical universe and the stream of time. Consciousness of time can be likened to a deep hypnosis which causes one to be in sympathy with the various frequencies and pulses of the physical universe.

  • Tranceiver- An instrument that serves as both a receiver and a transmitter.

  • Transmitter- A device or unit that sends a signal or message.

  • Wave- A state of motion that rises and falls periodically is called a wave. It can be transmitted from one particular area to another with no actual transport of matter taking place. A wave consists of many cycles and can carry signals, pictures or sounds.


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Feb 8, 2015
@Opmmur ..More great postings Prof (y)
You obviously remember the National HRO receiver that was used extensively by Radio Hams all over the world in the 1950s 60s and early will also recall those receivers used coil packs for each waveband..A few weeks ago i was chatting to a local Radio Ham who was 86years old and he recalled using those receivers in the 1950s and 60s..he got me really excited when he spoke about a weird coil pack that was produced for the HRO, of which nobody at the time knew anything about...Remember that Tesla was working for National Radios in the 1930s which i have already mentioned :sneaky:..

The one piece of equipment that was omitted from the FRR-24`s list was the use of a Delta T Antenna, which they had at that Airforce Base..
Obviously they would have to have had an antenna system for that receiver and the DTA would have been perfect, there was also one on board the ship The Eldridge as well as on the dockside at Philadelphia,where they were overseeing the Philadelphia Experiment.:cool:.

After the Eldridge returned from hyperspace and the generators switched off, half the ships crew were missing, some were going mentally crazy, other were embedded within the top deck and still alive, and others were sort of drifting in and out of this reality..John Von Neumann was tasked to try and solve the problem of the men drifting in and out of this reality and came up with the explanation that those men had lost their physical time locks (Bio-Rhythms) which enabled them to stay in this reality//dimension..
That was when he came up with a device (costing $5million in 1943) which consisted of using an empty wrist watch case that had an audio generator built into it pulsing audio frequencies either at 7.82Hz (Schumann`s Resonant Earth frequency, or Tesla`s Resonant Earth frequency of 12.2Hz...Those frequencies then stabilised the affected men :)


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Feb 19, 2016
I never knew there was a conspiracy he didn't die.

Does this leave possibility he might still be alive because of those techniques and technology?

Age regression has been a big deal in the medical and science community for a while to retain youth and expand the lifespan longer than 120 years. I even loved the idea myself.

It sounded like he did almost got pulled into something having tested those electronics. But I'm not sure if it will bring him into a different plane of existence. Perhaps maybe.

Tesla may be indeed the first person to have time traveled and discovered how to and maybe have left an impression on the likes of HG Wells. Probably still does today.

I don't think we'll know exactly how and what may go in terms of achieving different doors of time, but I'm sure tesla indeed did change time in the sense where he did want to remain an obscure figure and probably did do a decent job in doing that.