The Sky Disappeared During a Glitch in the Matrix

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Its not the sky turning off, there is a couldy storm and the sky is temporarily illuminated by a lightning, I mean, guys...


Its not the sky turning off, there is a cloudy storm and the sky is temporarily illuminated by a lightning, I mean, guys...
I work nights and there have been times I just WISHED I could turn off the sun. :)

"Well.......There's this strange light switch hanging in the sky with a pull chain leading down to the ground and......"



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Could not find the video, but only page sources. Man Captures Video of Sky "Turning Off" - Search

It occurred to me as how creation goes is that there's mathematical numbers, similar to a computer graphed screen allegory that constantly runs. This is hooked into how the universe works and represents itself.

This runs all the time in similar fashion to how a PC drives its screen saver. At times, just for a second the math numbers to how this all works runs out and the program must reset its own visual platen.

What you'll get a viewed content is a jump in the viewed media and this is represented as a very rapid change, or a jump in scripted information.

I have seen this only once in my existence and occurred to when I was walking to the horse corral and off in my left in this distant sky, the sky jumped down, as if it were a graphic then rapidly recorrected itself.

I was getting this out of my side left vision but as I started to turn my head to the left as I neared the entry gate, I could actually see the split in the numbers motif platen, as content adjusted.

In a way the universe is bult around us for us to see. But all you've got to keep in mind is that what you're seeing is both real and unreal at the same time.

*An example is the James Web Space Telescope. What one is really seeing in JWST deep field is there or once was there, but what your really seeing is a jump back in time. Holographically it's there and even in time travel theory if you had access to getting inside of that light you could travel back in time, but the field itself physical as vs holographically, are two differing fields sets of numbers, or genral translated from those number's graphical information. Hopes this helps in the understanding?