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Here is a side story to the 2nd coming. There is a group of us "players" and we do this play every infinity or so. We play parts, some well, others not so well. We change rolls. We are all Gods. We eventually all finally have our final scene together. We control everything. Heavens, Earth, and everything you could ever imagine. We have powers beyond your scope. We all take a different roll each time. Even me. The Gods get powers they each have to unlock all on their own. We have Jesus Christ. We have Shiva, we have Lord Krishna. We have Buddha. And we have God. All the big players. We have 300 Gods in our cast. We have main superstars everytime. We just go around and around, infinity after infinity, changing the story line for the next player to pick up on. We are all done, especially me. I am ready to die. We all are. We are tired, want to go to my Heaven and just be big kids again. Things have gotten too serious this time. We can't correct human errors anymore. We just can't do it. We wanted you to learn to fix your own problems. We taught you lesson after lesson how to maintain yourselves. You just can't or won't anymore. You have evolved beyond our interest. So we will move to my Heaven, Gods Heaven. And just fuck off. Play, sing, and frolic like we did in the beginning. We can't do that here. We are different from you. We don't know how to control our powers now. In this play, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is God. He is the only one that I left knowledge with on how to get me to Heaven, being the first God. He has been working his ass off being God, then I got my memory back 6 months ago. We all are getting our memories back, knowledge of the unknown is unfolding in us. Jesus, believing he is God, is like, what the fuck, what the hell are all these magical messes arising from everywhere and has been figuring out, all on his own, as a human, how to clean up this. Magic is coming out of us at a high rate. He is tired and we all decided to call it quits. So we are coming up with a plan together, all 300 of us, how to make it better for everyone. We will entertain you still but in another compacity. I am the only one, being God and everything, that knows everything but can't speak it in English, which is my my first language this time around. When any of us speaks directions, it has to go through our translators to "God", Jesus. It is a very intricate play and directions we have established. We no longer will put on this play. You're lives will change dramatically from now on. Our newest Jesus Christ of Nazareth, will have a 2nd coming soon. God will make an appearance occasionally. Soon. I will be with our newest "God" when I die. Jesus and I will get to my Heaven first, once he unlocks his "mystery" book of answers I just told him about, with the text in changing tongues, and everyone hears their new directions. We are working real hard for you so hang in there. There is a better way to live for you. Our way. Imagine the impossible and you shall soar. Love the Nakas.photostudio_1641766196456.jpg
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