The woman who foresaw 9/11 predicts a nuclear explosion for 2023

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So called "nukes" are scalar energy weapons effecting more than the third dimension, (thats your matrix) they effect the more normal 5th density of reality too, which is where most of the 500,000+ species in this galaxy reside except for a few other minor planets still spiritually growing. This is why ufos will disable them.
9/11 wasn't all that hard to predict if you know what to look for, the clues and codes and permission slips to allow it in a mass reality projection were everywhere, even in back to the future...the film...
Like wise a "nuclear explosion" and or "EMP" and many others have been all over the place. the masses have already given their permission slips, you, by not recognizing the clues and taking films and media for nothing more than "entertainment" weren't discerning enough to take the suggestions and requests for permission to do these things and deny them.
Now, technically speaking like most of these requests they are borderline acceptable in the big picture of one of the primary laws of the universe about free will but you signed that away when you agreed to incarnate on earth. There are people here and other peoples tying to help undo this tragedy and return earth to a 5th dimensional normal free will state of existence. However, until that happens the fine print so to speak is, all the blind masses have already given permission for major major destructions the only technical difference is the "nuke" thing. They have given permission to be told that a nuke has gone off, but their 5th dimensional higher selves have not given permission for one of these devices to be activated. There fore, what will happen is some variation of hugely powerful device will be activated instead and then the public will be told it was nuclear. Thus, they are not in violation of free will on either this fucked up 3rd dimensional matrix, or the higherself sitting above 5d. The masses are just to damn ignorant to know the difference.
Then as all conspiracies against us in 3d, there will be some of us telling people and showing people the clues to why it was not what they were told it is. The masses will ignore it alienate us for speaking up about it, and follow what their told like sheep. Meanwhile being ignorant of all the laws being changed in the background that takes away even more rights and money.
Last I heard estimated deaths from the fake "vax" poison were reaching just over 50 million global. fertility is down 22-30 something percent and mortality is up between 18-46 percent or something, it's been a while since I checked but depending where you are it obviously varies anyway but it's still not enough, it's not fast enough. They (the controlling parasites) want us gone faster and fake wars between fake governments isn't enough of a distraction anymore. They are trying to tip the balance of permission slips to kill us faster.
What it comes down to now is which timeline of major death will be manifest first. "nukes" "fake invasion" "emp strike" "comet" "political war" They have all been lined up. They know how to manipulate realities, they have thousands of years of practice.