The World is Changing - Lets talk about The Globalists - Welcome all!

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Hello to the entire Paranormalis community and all none-members just stopping by and reading up on different interesting things on this amazing forum!

So the world is truly changing...

So you might ask what is a GLOBALIST?

Well a globalist is basically someone that wants a border less world, no freedom whatsoever, totalitarianism, away with the nation states and complete censorship off the internet. Yes even more then this!
There is a lot to talk about what a globalist is and their globalist goals are. So everyone on here are more then welcome to discuss what they know and dont know about Globalists and their evil plan.
Remember people, evil has always existed but it has come in many different shapes and structures since mankind came to this planet.

So when it comes to this horrible pandemic we keep hearing about the only solution (well one of them at least) is to vaccinate, vaccinate, and once again vaccinate.
Is that really the only solution???

Have most people forgotten (as it seems) how people took care of one another in ancient times?

There are probably others on this forum that have more knowledge then me about this subject so please by all means write, ask, answer each others questions as best as you can and also stay safe everyone and if you feel praying to help others please do so.

All the best to you all! :)