The X37B Bomber or Space Plane ?

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China and Russia Believe the X-37B is a Bomber​

The X-37B’s secretive details have led U.S. adversaries to call it a weaponized “death star.”
Probably not. They can hit it with a SA 17 which is an older SAM, that's good to the edge of space. Similar to the Standard Missile the US Navy has. The radar complex operators for both Rus & Chin can probably tell if your'e going to do something so stupid, as to try to bomb out of this style of reentry shape.

Don't know if the Chins have an analog to the SA 17. Hope I got that SAM number correctly? From what I remember the 17 had a launch to acceleration rate somewhat like the old Sprint & Spartin competition candidates, before they became canceled.

Ref, the Navy Standard took out a satellite, on the asking and command that was going to errantly reenter Earth's atmosphere. They did so at sea and hit it right on the numbers, took it out. Televised & you can look that up. "Cheers", Lamdo