Schematics The XD-7000

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This came from the old T.E.C. database. From what I can see, it comes from Steven Gibbs' 8th Key to the Riddle of Time report document. I included a screenshot of the schematics shown on page 17 of the report.


Thanks to: Adam for the info

The beings who showed me this information told me that this device can be used to make objects float in the air. The only problem they said was finding the correct dial settings. However, I have reason to believe that if it can be used to levitate objects it can also be used for time travel. So basically what these equations state though x tuning = resonance or (x1,y1=01) if the xd-7000 is radionically tuned it can be used to accomplish anything provided of course that your intentions are pure. If not then you’ll probably get punished just like a child who rebels against his parents. So remember people the creator keeps a record of everything we do!